Constructs of Chaos

The Xal, once warriors of conquering and war, now are constructs of absolute, merciless chaos. Their primary function is to destroy any enemy of Xernes, or die trying. They are most always used as front-line soldiers in present times.


When Xernes was at war with the Realm of Jyrax(War), the Xal were beings much like the Vrykul. Very large, enraged, and brutal warriors who would stop at nothing to conquer lesser realms, and they would do so without folly. Realms of Magic, Light, Thunder, all of those realms would be conquered and enslaved to the might of Jyrax. That is until, they had came to Xernes. Awaiting them between the bridge to the dimensions, the Chaex advanced, roaring with furious anger.

The Xal and the Chaex would wage war with eachother for a full century, until finally, the Council of Black Omen had sent their mightiest creature. The Xal prepared to face their next foe, but began to show confusion when the Chaex all began to flee, either wtih grins of wickedness, or faces of terror strown across their face. 

Gorgonnash appeared, and his power was unmatched. The Xal did not even stand a chance against this demon of hatred, his power wounded every single warrior upon the battlefield, while he looked as though he did not break a sweat. Gorgonnash proclaimed them as corpses, and the Chaex would drag them into their realm.

They were malformed, twisted, bioengineered and experimented upon while kept alive. Hatred, anguish, fear, and chaos, all these things twisting them into hardened shells of rock and fire. They soon replaced the Chaex as front-line infantry, and caused many of the Chaex to fight against one another to prove their worth to the general armies, and gain the glory of dying first.

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