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Welcome to the Forbidden.[]

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The Forbidden[]

The Forbidden is a Guild based off of the Undead in WoW. They are not purely an undead organization, but trust them more than any other race, despite themselves being former members of said races. The Forbidden is currently stationed 50,000 years after the first Shattering, caused by Deathwing. Currently, the Forbidden is a very powerful faction, rivaling incredibly powerful entities that threaten Azeroth itself. This is not Azeroth-Prime, but rather Azeroth-18, a variation of Azeroth in the multiverse. The Forbidden's power does not come from sheer strength and magical power alone, but its numbers and cunning. They focus on threats that would either destroy them or the world they plan to inhabit, they have no interest in any other faction or entity, nor any desire to go to war with them. The Forbidden simply seeks a home for themselves, a place where people that have been Forbidden to exist or be with their people can go.

Their feats range from total city conversion to outright conquering of god-like entities, but never on their own. They've always had help in one way or another. This, is their Legacy.