Founded by Plague Lord Nimorrax.

The ForbiddenEdit

First started and founded by Plague Lord Nimorrax , The Forbidden are groups of outcasted undead without a purpose in the world, brought into the shadows by Nimorrax, they seek a place of their own in the world and attempt to redeem themselves by helping Azeroth in any way they can. Though in the eyes of most, they are seen as tyrants and are unwelcome in most places, thus they keep to themselves and hide in the darkest corners of Azeroth. Only willing to help the world live, not those who would see them burn to ashes.

Current Forbidden RanksEdit

  • Plague Lord - Nimorrax Versiles
  • (Vice-)Lord - ???
  • Generals - Blightmarrow, Coheavus
  • Commanders - Tarlock, Zogul, Varus, Hagruum, Blackbone, Anub'rekhar, Vathirumus, Acerah
  • Advisors - Vincent, Grolandular, Johanna, Elanora
  • Master Operatives - Valerie, Donovan, Jericho, Mike, Cyrillus
  • Captains - Hodim, Zenashi, Velinda, Khamiir, Galandel, Kra'xix
  • Lieutenants - Markus, Thaldan, Lilleth, Korthak

Legacy of the ForbiddenEdit


It all started on a typical day like any other, a new child had been born and given the odd name of Nimorrax, last name being Versiles. He was a strange young child with a habit of sneaking around his house and outside, normally to scare other people and children. Little did this child know he'd be handpicked by a Time-lord with the alias of Kurtis to undertake a dangerous mission, but never directly received said objective. Nimorrax learned of the Stormwind group called SI:7 at a young age and wanted to be like them. He trained and conditioned his body over the course of his childhood to peak himself upon entering adulthood, where he'd finally be able to land the job. At the age of twenty, he got the job. He was given very simple missions and tasks to complete for a long time, never really getting a true hard-to-do job.

His final job led him to Tirisfal Glades, under the control of the Forsaken, led by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. His task was to observe the land and enemy movement, focusing on two undead groups. The Forsaken and the Scourge. He had located a vantage point atop a stable and watched a battle between the undead. Time had finally worn on Nimorrax and due to his ever-increasing clumsiness, fell off of the stable breaking his leg. With no way to escape, he could do nothing but watch in horror as death inched closer and closer until it finally consumed him. However, he would not meet his end here, for it was his fate to become one of them. A group of Forsaken had found Nimorrax's body and resurrected him into undeath. He pledged his loyalty to Sylvanas and was sent into a campaign in Northrend (Wrath of the Lich King).

Nimorrax had discovered all of his diminished skill return to him, thus allowing him continue training his abilities beyond his former peak. He had reached a level beyond the Forsaken's typical agents and was given special assignments to undertake in the Northrend campaign. Yet, as time went on with the war, he began to realize how much he didn't care to serve under Sylvanas' leadership. As if she doesn't care about her people. While travelling in Howling Fjord, he stumbled upon a group of renegade undead who strayed from the Forsaken, no longer wishing to be apart of their faction. Nimorrax thought about it and seized the opportunity to create his own, calling it The Forbidden. This was also when he met the grand warlock, Coheavus.

Dubbing himself Plague Lord and assuring his newfound people that he would take care of them, he also explained that his first missions would be the most difficult in order to build his faction. The first order of business was commandeering a Scourge necropolis which was no easy task. After having gathered enough people to perform this daring raid on one of these floating palaces, he concocted a plan and shared it with everyone. Before anyone knew it, they were already raiding the necropolis, losses heavy on both sides. Thought it looked like the Forbidden had lost, they managed to pull through in the end, even capturing a Lich by the name Aman'Thuzal.

His next order of business was to establish where to set up a home for his people. At the same time, he had to clear out groups of bandits, mercenaries and more. He plagued an entire city and called it home. He and his people laid dormant within this city for an extreme period of time. He sat waiting and plotting within his new floating palace, dubbed Voltanaras.

Horizon's EndEdit

WoWScrnShot 050809 023701

Voltanaras above its first city

Finally, the day came. After his countless time spent planning and waiting for the right opportunity, Nimorrax had set out for a new city to conquer. The people of Horizon Watch were enjoying their day as any typical day would be enjoyed, until a shadow enveloped their beautiful city. Before anyone could realize what was going on, they were under siege by the undead. Countless men, women and children were torn to pieces by the Forbidden's unpredictable onslaught, however the city's army was fierce and would not give up easily.

For two whole weeks, a barrage of ghouls, geists, skeletons and abominations assaulted Horizon Watch and its people. The city slowly losing its life bit by bit, bolstering the Forbidden ever so slowly. The city's military was a force to be reckoned with for a majority of the time. But eventually, as any living settlement fights undead, it fell. There were simply too many undead to fight at once and not enough time to complete an evacuation. Their only option was to fight and die. Nimorrax then lorded over his newly-found city and renamed it... Horizon's End.

Deathbringer ChroniclesEdit

Unfortunately, holding Horizon's End would not last nearly as long as Nimorrax would have hoped. There were survivors from his rather sloppy hostile takeover. Many human settlements were alerted to the Forbidden's presence and began to take up arms against the undead menace. There were far too many humans and siege weapons to hold at bay thus giving Nimorrax no choice but to flee. Returning to his original plagued city, he plotted and planned. For 10,000 years Nimorrax would fight an everlasting war against the living that would see his people brought to ruin. Every expansion he attempted to create was a disaster and eventually... They disappeared without a trace, not a single Forbidden in sight.

Ten thousand years having gone by, they were finally located within a small cave in Darkshore. A band of would-be heroes and a strange man entered his cave to be taunted and toyed with. Upon arriving at his rather pathetic throne, Nimorrax immediately asked them to state their business. The strange man suggested that Nimorrax had possession of a powerful artifact that belonged to the Deathbringer. Nimorrax at first denied such an outrageous claim only to find the blade resting on his throne. Confused and annoyed, Nimorrax told them to take the blade and leave his cave. However, not all was well. Upon trying to exit the cave, a massive Eredar by the name of Kaiyne appeared and stole the artifact, even murdering Nimorrax's last flesh behemoth. Filled with frustration, Nimorrax kicked the strange man and heroes out for good.

This would not be the last that he saw of the heroes, though. Not even five minutes later, they all returned to his cave. His minions taunted and laughed at the heroes who had been severely beaten down by the Eredar. They returned to Nimorrax who immediately wanted them to begone from his sight. The heroes had an offer, an alliance. Demons were the prime threat to Azeroth at the time, magic was near-impossible to use and to top it all off, Nimorrax began to recognize something interesting about the strange man accompanying the heroes. Somehow, he bore a resemblence to a Void Lord he used to be partners with. Nimorrax agreed to the alliance because of this recognition alone. This was also the moment he and Mothrazor had met. He was given the task of delaying the demons at the Dark Portal, led by Kruul. Sixty-thousand soldiers were raised and sent to the Blasted Lands.

Meanwhile, in Stranglethorn Vale, Nimorrax accompanied the heroes and Kaiyne. They entered Zul'Gurub and fought a gauntlet of demons, however their efforts swiftly were in vain when the Eredar Kaiyne returned. They retreated all the way back to the entrance of Zul'Gurub only to be intercepted by the same Eredar. With no time to waste, Nimorrax took it upon himself to re-steal the Deathbringer blade from the Eredar and return it to the human Kaiyne who became the Deathbringer. The Eredar was defeated and Kaiyne left unconscious from the fight. A strange void appeared and demanded Kaiyne, however Nimorrax decided to take him and flee the scene to Felwood, where the mighty Voltanaras has been buried into a mountainside.

The heroes finally caught up with Nimorrax as well as the strange void character from before. Kaiyne was demanded for again, yet denied by Nimorrax. When it seemed like a fight may break out, Kaiyne had awoken and stopped it immediately with a few simple words. The void had acknowledged it and left. Eventually, the heroes and Kaiyne left Nimorrax's company and he was left to his devices and plans. Months of time had gone by and finally Voltanaras was reborn. Yet, that would not be the last time the heroes found him or his necropolis would crash.

Years later, Nimorrax was abducted from his own faction, causing it to plummet into chaos and die out. He demanded reasoning from his captor as to why he was taken, all that he was given was that he had apparently been dubbed the Aspect of Death. Absolutely confused, Nimorrax waited at Nethergarde Keep. With the help of the other Aspects, Kruul was defeated. After that, Nimorrax was once again nowhere to be found, what remained of his faction wandered Azeroth aimlessly and without hope of finding their leader. Forty-thousand years later, it was discovered Nimorrax had resurrected Kaiyne, even going as far to manipulate him. However, he met his end because of it. Weeks later, his most trusted servant, Coheavus, had found his body and resurrected him back into undeath. An argument was had and the Forbidden had returned to power.

The new goal was to end Kaiyne. Yet this goal would never be met, through countless battles and simply wandering Azeroth, Nimorrax pulled back all that he had to his home city. A foe had been waiting to reveal themselves for a long time to the returning undead. The foe had taken one of his own away from him, namely Azaxle. An overly-intelligent troll doctor. His new enemy had been revealed to be a tribe of trolls going by the name of Zul'Amak, led by a devious and cunning leader, Zul'tak. Two new foes had also emerged from the dust, one of them being the mighty Templars of Virtue, dedicated to eradicating evil from Azeroth.

Putrud, First EncounterEdit

Some time during the territorial war, a being known as a Darbrinian had awoken from a long coma at Mount Hyjal. This creature swiftly moved from its landing site to every single warring faction's base, wiping them clean off the face of Azeroth, or so it thought. Eighty to ninety-five percent of all warring faction forces had been eliminated by one being, The Forbidden suffering last. Firstly on the ground, the entire army falling to the might of the Darbrinian's destructive power, they held their ground against an impossible odd for as long as they could. All of this was to delay the creature to allow Voltanaras to charge up its cannon and decimate the entire city.

With the city destroyed and in ruins, no life left to be found or even unlife, the people in the necropolis felt it was over. Yet this was not the case and slowly one by one, the Forbidden crew inside the necropolis began getting assassinated by the very same Darbrinian they thought they had killed. Nimorrax at the time was impervious to the Darbrinian and as such was avoided by the creature. Yet this did not stop Nimorrax from dying due to another unknown assailant. Once the Forbidden had been mostly wiped out, the necropolis was sent plummeting from the sky into the city.

After some more time passed, Vathirumus and Acerah had awoken from a very beat-up state just outside of the necropolis. They heard a voice echo from deep inside of the necropolis and foolishly decided to investigate. Being the only two known members still alive, they exercised a great deal of caution while walking the destroyed depths of the necropolis. Upon reaching the throne room, they found the Darbrinian hovering (not literally) over Nimorrax's now-mutilated corpse. Upon being noticed by the creature, Acerah hopelessly lunged at the Darbrinian seeking to end the threat, but was stopped immediately by a grab to his throat. He was tossed into Vathirumus and then destroyed the ceiling above them. He left the necropolis yet underestimated the two Forbidden.

Vathirumus and Acerah started to slowly make their way out of the necropolis, avoiding any and all burning debris that stands and gets in their way. Travelling through what now seemed like a maze, Vathirumus and Acerah eventually managed to escape the necropolis, however they were quickly detected by the Darbrinian who attempted to intercept them. Yet a portal was opened allowing the two undead to escape, leaving the Darbrinian behind to contemplate his failure of destroying the entire faction.

Days later, near the abandoned town of Thelsamar, Acerah and Vathirumus were plotting on how to destroy the Darbrinian. During their discussion they were met by the troll, Azaxle, the Vice-Lord of the Zul'Amak Tribe. Vathirumus openly insulted Azaxle and intended to start a fight, however Acerah had other plans, suggesting that Azaxle could be a valuable ally once more. Yet they did not realize that the Darbrinian had been watching, an illusion. Vathirumus taunted the Darbrinian into the open and attempted another attack only to fail again. The creature revealed its name as Putrud and demanded that the three prepare themselves as he craved a true challenge to his astonishing power. Putrud left and the three were left to their thoughts and ideas.

They returned to their ruined city that Nimorrax had first conquered fifty-thousand years ago. While Azaxle did not come with them, he was not far off from the city. Acerah and Vathirumus searched the city for any possible survivors of the Darbrinian's devastating attack. Upon nearing the church, they found a wolf carrying an unconscious corpse on its back. It turned out the undead happened to be Seishou, an expert shadow operative. Vathirumus quickly brought Seishou back to consciousness and the three went to the graveyard to find Dethok, the grand necromancer. He was unfortunately dead, but they resurrected a certain individual before heading off to find Aman'Thuzal, also dead (for now).

They headed to the rear of the war quarter to check the one pride and glory of the Forbidden force: The mighty Ketanagosa, slaughtered with scattered bones. Acerah was furious and crushed. Still unbeknownst to them, Putrud had been continuously spying on the group. Showing himself again he questioned why the Forbidden waste their time instead of growing in power. Acerah was too overcome with rage to listen and began attacking the Darbrinian, however it was futile and Putrud left them all to their devices once more, yet still keeping a close eye on them. They returned to the front gate to find Azaxle. They all headed to Deadwind at the smaller of the two Karazhan towers. They lured Putrud inside of said tower and destroyed it, hoping the collapsing debris would kill him. Yet, the plan failed and they all retreated away from him.

They proceeded to Duskwood and met a character under the alias "Best Be" (oh brother, that name). They headed into the crypt under Raven Hill and once again lured Putrud to them. This time however, they had a decent plan. Putrud stepped into a runic circle that Best Be created and started to be drained of his energies. Putrud reacted quickly and shot out a wave of energy, attempting to escape, yet Best Be created another circle and summoned the Darbrinian back to continue the draining process. Once completely drained, he appeared lifeless, however his body began to emit energy once more and they quickly caved in the crypt after escaping. Their attempts to keep him trapped were in vain.

Best Be left the group after that events and it was down to Azaxle, Acerah and Vathirumus, even the mighty Mothrazor made an appearance to help out. They all went to the basement of a destroyed tavern in Raven Hill to plan, Vathirumus still being a stubborn fool began trying to call Putrud out underground, it didn't work until they went to the surface, calling out again, Putrud appeared and slaughtered all four of them in very rapid succession due to the humiliation they put on him. The four found themselves awakening in The Grim Reaper's Chambers. Walking out of a gate, The Grim Reaper greeted the four who then tried to bargain with him. They said in exchange for their souls, they would get him one powerful soul. Putrud's Soul. The Grim Reaper was inclined to agree and had granted them a week to destroy Putrud once and for all, or forever be damned to Hell.

They all re-awakened where they died at in Raven Hill where they re-engaged the Darbrinian in combat. This time, they succeeded in forcing him to retreat, for now. Azaxle was nowhere to be seen, it was assumed that there was a problem reviving him in the same location. An old comrade of the Forbidden's, Aknot, arrived on the scene to assist them in their mission. Vathirumus came up with an outrageous idea that would have to take place at the Caverns of Time. They decided to take a Zeppelin ride there, however Acerah did not accompany them, having other plans. Mothrazor was also not present. They arrived safely to the Caverns of Time and began preparations. Collecting materials, Vathirumus formed an hourglass filled with special sand.

Their intention was simple, but unlikely to work. They would lure Putrud to them again and throw the hourglass at him. Should the plan succeed, Putrud would have been taken to another time where he could not harm them. Luring Putrud, they attempted to stall him with some boring speech. Vathirumus attempted to sneak up on Putrud and throw the hourglass at him, yet it failed when Putrud quickly reacted by turning around and firing a bolt of energy at it, shattering the hourglass. Disappointed, Putrud left them again without a word hoping they'd get the idea to power themselves up. However he wouldn't leave for long...

The Forbidden exited the Caverns of Time and were met by other elites, Thanor and Alvive Valeo. They all began to discuss plans, however the Darbrinian grew impatient and destroyed the top of the Cavern entrance, sealing it. Standing in front of the group, he began to rant on about how the Forbidden constantly wasted their and his time with pathetic charades. Yet, as he was in the middle of his speech, another voice sounded out and a portal ripped open behind Putrud. Out from it came a Death Knight. Putrud warned the Death Knight to stay out of his business, almost as if he was worried. The Death Knight merely laughed and impaled the Darbrinian on his specially enchanted blade. Putrud was killed.

While the group started cheering, the Death Knight turned his attention to the Forbidden and began explaining himself and the situation. He was not and is not an ally to them, in fact he was the opposite. The Death Knight introduced himself as Kevonus, the Lich King. He explained that the two groups the Forbidden were in a war with survived and have already rebuilt their forces. He warned them that he would partake in the war and succeed with impunity.

The Death Knight then walked back through his portal. Vathirumus drained magic from Putrud's dead body. Moments later, The Grim Reaper appeared before the group and granted back the souls of Vathirumus, Mothrazor, Acerah and Azaxle. Two were there, two were not, yet they received their soul back anyway. The Grim Reaper then walked back off into the Abyssal Sands.

The group had been then teleported to a new location, a city they had never seen before, they were confused. Voltanaras was just above them, which was rather surprising as it originally destroyed. Just then, Nimorrax's body had fell from the sky and landed before the group. The group began attempting to find means to bring Nimorrax back to life. Yet he was simply knocked out this whole time, eventually getting up, he lead the group around the city, confused himself about Voltanaras being back up in the air. They had gone into the recruitment hall, and knew what to do from there.

The Lich King ReturnsEdit

WoWScrnShot 091810 235935

Voltanaras' cannon

Many decades have passed by since the apparent fall of Putrud, Azaxle grew bored over this course of time until finally one day something intriguing happened. Kevonus' ghost appeared in Death's Ocean and stared into the Bonfire of Haunting Memories, as he stared off into the fire, the flame began to dissipate, Azaxle noticed the bonfires odd behavior and saw Kevonus' ghost which had made its way off to the cemetery in Death's Ocean, Azaxle followed close behind. Kevonus stopped in front of a strange glowing grave which just so happened to be Nimorrax's grave. The ghost of Kevonus snapped its fingers, but no noise was heard and it disappeared and just seconds later, Nimorrax popped out of his grave with new armor and a darker voice. Nimorrax explained that when he was pushed off the top if Icecrown Citadel that he had not actually died but instead Kevonus put a spell on Nimorrax that would later return him as a Death Knight, that Kevonus had put a part of his own soul into Nimorrax and now the soul is completely reformed, Nimorrax explained that he would get rid of Azaxle, but Azaxle retaliated and would not prove easy prey for Nimorrax, he shot out a dark ball of energy at Nimorrax who just avoided it by using his still existing rogue abilities to vanish in thin air and re-appear behind Azaxle, but Azaxle was just as quick and teleported beyond Nimorrax's attacking range. Nimorrax then disappeared leaving Azaxle in the cemetery, and now the race is on.

After recruiting several new people into The Forbidden, Azaxle began to lead a counter-attack against Nimorrax, who planned to bomb Death's Ocean with Voltanaras, Nimorrax's favored necropolis. Azaxle had briefed his group not to kill Nimorrax, but to stop Voltanaras from destroying Death's Ocean. Once everyone got their bearings, Azaxle created a portal with the last bit of magic he had that allowed him to enter Voltanaras with the group. As the group entered, they encountered two Frostbrood Wyrms, Ketanagosa's brood. The group had fought them for a considerable amount of time and were eventually victorious in that battle. Next they met up with the brood mother herself, Ketanagosa. Just as Ketanagosa was about to reveal Azaxle's true identity, Azaxle provoked her to attack, the group joining his side. They had fought for a very considerable amount of time, but even the brood mother had fell before The Forbidden, Azaxle was going to claim her, but Nimorrax wasn't going to allow it. Nimorrax taunted the group, specifically Azaxle, Nimorrax led Azaxle straight into his trap, four warlocks above Nimorrax had begun banishing Azaxle, the group reacted as fast as they could and began to fight Nimorrax, Erebos struck first, but Nimorrax avoided him, Ace being next, Nimorrax meeting his blade. The group fought Nimorrax for a while, but Nimorrax was just no match for a group of five and retreated, all the while this was happening, Voltanaras had been charging up its main cannon. Miramoria, a new recruit, had stopped the cannon as Azaxle had ordered before it fired. Erebos took notice to the four Warlocks above and the group took them all down, freeing Azaxle, the recruits were surprised but Azaxle told them to keep it a secret from those who do not know about it, they were victorious, but they had to get off the necropolis before it jumped out of the city, and so Azaxle created a portal back down to Death's Ocean, and just as the last person made it through, Voltanaras had jumped out of the city leaving the group to regain their strength and stamina.

Time was short, three days didn't offer much time for The Forbidden to regain their strength, according to their intel, Nimorrax was planning to incinerate Orgrimmar. Azaxle didn't have hardly any troops with him, all he had was Erebos and Cleavus, a Top Ranking Shadow Op. Once Azaxle informed the two, they took a portal outside of Orgrimmar, once there, they could see Orgrim's Hammer and Voltanaras floating high above with Ketanagosa assaulting the mighty gunship, the three moved to the entrance of the city, killing four Death Knight traitors and persuading the orcs to let them inside to help. Once inside, they made their way to the Warchief, fighting many ghouls along the way, once they got there, they confronted an orc who asked them what their business was there in Orgrimmar, the Orc asked them to wait as he went to talk to his Warchief. The Warchief, High Overlord Saurfang came to speak to the three, once greetings were aside, Azaxle asked for Wyverns and they were on their way out where they encountered Shadow Lord Marrowgar. Azaxle, Erebos and Cleavus took an alternate path but Cleavus fell behind. As soon as Erebos and Azaxle made it to the entrance, Marrowgar caught up and the two fought him to the death, Marrowgar was killed. Azaxle and Erebos hurried to the Wyverns and took off, flying straight to Voltanaras' top floor, once there, it was all quiet... The two looked around and below them was a Death Knight Captain, they had a brief exchange of words and began fighting, once the fight was underway, Death Knights came from all sides, striking at Azaxle and Erebos. Erebos handled the Death Knight reinforcements, while Azaxle dealt with the Captain. After a long fight, Captain Theodon was killed in action and the two searched the necropolis. Azaxle ordered Erebos to find the controls and shut the cannon off while Azaxle was intrigued with a container that had a familiar character in it. Erebos could not find the controls on the throne like last time and destroyed the throne, but whatever Erebos did, the container that had a suspiciously familiar character in it had teleported away from them just as Azaxle was about to break it open. Luckily for them, once this happened, a lever had appeared. It seemed easy but they didn't care, they pulled the lever and the cannon stopped, Azaxle had made a portal back to Death's Ocean as Orgrimmar was saved and Voltanaras jumped out of the area to retreat.


Somewhere in Northrend at Hrothgar's Landing, Voltanaras had appeared over the location where the container had teleported to. Nimorrax had descended from the Necropolis and greeted his most trusted servant, Mothrazor. They exchanged words and Nimorrax began explaining that the reason he is trying to destroy the major cities on Azeroth is to obtain five artifact pieces under five of eight major cities. Nimorrax had explained that only by obtaining these artifacts could he hope to contain Azaxle forever, banishing him for all eternity inside of Voltanaras, favored Necropolis of Nimorrax. Despite Mothrazor sensing Kevonus inside of Nimorrax, Mothrazor was willing to serve and do what it takes to complete these objectives, no matter the cost. Nimorrax handed Mothrazor a stone that would allow him access to Voltanaras at will and the two headed off, Voltanaras jumped again to a location as of yet unknown.

The Unknown. How we fear it. How we cower not knowing what will happen and in the blink of an eye, something you love is destroyed. Gone forever. The Forbidden suffered a serious blow from forces unknown, their city of Death's Ocean collapsing around them, gone in the blink of an eye. However, Azaxle was able to look past such a pitiful loss, he reached out far and found a new suitable location and brought along with him Ace and Erebos to the new city. They arrived and it was seemingly empty until they moved forward, starting with ghouls, Azaxle, Ace and Erebos destroyed them, moving on they engaged a single abomination and tore it apart, moving up to two abominations and tearing them to shreds. This next beast proved to strong, a mutated abomination but like all other minions, it was slain. The two continued up to the Palace of the city and fought eight ghouls and two abominations with yet another abomination coming from behind, the three slaughtered the resistance and made their way inside of the Palace where they were greeted by none other than Nimorrax himself. After a brief exchange of words, Nimorrax attacked first, appearing behind Azaxle but instead striking at Ace and Erebos, shortly after, Nimorrax was blown back while Azaxle looked around and what he was about to call home and Azaxle ordered Ace and Erebos to get rid of Nimorrax while he Azaxle sat upon Nimorrax's throne. Ace and Erebos attacked Nimorrax relentlessly while he did the same to them, but after Ace and Erebos missed Nimorrax, he rose a sword up in the air and let it gather energy, Ace tried to stop it with throwing knives but it was futile, the sword finished gathering energy and the two lunged at Nimorrax trying to stop him, yet, Nimorrax proved to be a worthy adversary and continued to dodge their attacks, when he finally got into the position he wanted he aimed his sword at Azaxle and shot a powerful beam of destructive proportions. Azaxle was hit by said beam, but quickly shielded himself to avoid further damage to his physical form. After that, Azaxle tried to trap Nimorrax in the barrier by pulling it off of himself, but instead hit Erebos as Nimorrax jumped over him. Ace and Azaxle continued fighting Nimorrax and Azaxle soon freed Erebos from his prison and Erebos joined the fight. After such a long fight, Nimorrax was finally weakened enough to retreat and so he did. He opened a large portcullis and closed it behind him to teleport away from the city, Azaxle tried to bash the portcullis open but it was no use. Nimorrax was gone and when he disappeared, the portcullis opened up, however, the three have gained themselves a new city that they shall call New Death's Ocean in honor of their former city. Azaxle ordered Ace to go inform the rest of The Forbidden.


Another seemingly peaceful quite day at New Death's Ocean, or so Azaxle thought until an unknown voice called out to him telepathically as it asked him to go to Westfall, Longshore to a crashed necropolis. Azaxle heeded the call and brought along with him Erebos for good measure in case of any ambush. They arrived in front of the wrecked necropolis via a portal Azaxle conjured, Erebos questioned if said necropolis was Voltanaras, but no, it was not. They entered and Azaxle ordered Erebos to stay next to him for security reasons, they approached a capsule which contained a familiar warlock inside of it, Azaxle tapped on the glass a bit and then Nimorrax appeared behind Azaxle, getting him in a choke hold and exchanging words before Azaxle ordered Erebos to attack, he did as ordered but Nimorrax avoided it. The battle was getting ready to get intense, but in the midst of all of this, the warlocks power, now identified as Coheavus, began weakening the magic surrounding everyone. Nimorrax didn't seem to be affected by Coheavus' power but Azaxle and Erebos sure felt their magic weakening, they did what they could to finish the fight as fast as possible, but Nimorrax proved to be a persistent threat avoiding just about every attack and making counter-attacks. Azaxle had enough of this and created a barrier and encased Coheavus' capsule. Magic slowly started to come back to them as Coheavus tried to break the barrier surrounding his capsule, Azaxle and Erebos worked hard to finish Nimorrax off, but still he proved persistent, Azaxle ordered Erebos to hold Nimorrax at bay while he held the barrier together so Coheavus could not shatter it, during this, Nimorrax had been gathering a ton of energy while Erebos relentlessly attacked him. Finally, Nimorrax released a huge burst of power and knocked Erebos away and Azaxle against the capsule which shattered the barrier, thus magic started to fail once again, Erebos and Azaxle continued to fight Nimorrax and after a long period of time, Azaxle changed into his Void form, obviously angered by Nimorrax, which was a bad move as Nimorrax explained because Coheavus' power began to drastically affect him, so Azaxle switched back into his troll form, but then he realized he needed a new one and became a Night Elf. Azaxle managed to make Nimorrax lose his last sword, Nimorrax catching a punch Azaxle threw but some voidish seeds Azaxle held had began wrapping around both of their arms, so Nimorrax cut off his arm to avoid Erebos' attack. Erebos attacked again but missed as Nimorrax also bandaged up his arm to avoid further blood loss. After some more fighting, Azaxle caught Nimorrax in a hold for Erebos to beat on him with, Nimorrax began elbowing Azaxle in the stomach while holding Erebos at bay with his feet, finally, Erebos caught Nimorrax's cheek with his blade and Nimorrax landed one final elbow to Azaxle's stomach causing him to release his grip on Nimorrax. He decided he had enough and retreated before Azaxle and Erebos could inflict anymore damage and thus they were victorious yet again. Azaxle ordered a frostbrood wyrm to carry Coheavus back to New Death's Ocean and Erebos mysteriously disappeared to recover from his wounds.

Back at the War Quarter in New Death's Ocean, Azaxle met up with Coheavus and he broke out of his capsule, not under Nimorrax's control any longer, or as he explained, Kevonus' control. Coheavus explained that Nimorrax will surely strike at Stormwind next and he also explained that the four warlocks under Nimorrax's control are now under the influence of Kevonus. Just as they were going to prepare, a massive energy spike was detected from Stormwind, Nimorrax was already planning to bombard the Alliance city, Azaxle and Coheavus began preparations, they have a few days until the mighty Voltanaras is ready to fire. The race is on, can they save Stormwind in time or will it fall to Voltanaras, possibly revealing an artifact piece required to banish Azaxle forever?

Once again, time was short and Azaxle didn't have very much time. He asked Vathirumus to call for everyone so he could prepare to save Stormwind from destruction. A group of five, that's all they had and took a portal to the front of Stormwind City. Once there, a Shadow Op explained the situation to Azaxle and they proceeded onward with many of Nimorrax's minions in the way. They met a Val'kyr Battlemaiden named Feydis, during battle with Feydis, Ketanagosa mocked Azaxle, saying he was foolish to come to the city when Voltanaras is already half-way charged. She flew back up into Voltanaras and waited, afterwards, the group defeated Feydis and pressed onward into the city, explaining to a city guard that they are here to help. Once inside, the group found a dead end to the Keep and took an alternate route, killing whatever minions Nimorrax had within the city. Their venture took them to the Dwarven District, but they went the wrong way and turned back as fast as they could and finally made it to the Keep, going through Old Town. Once at the entrance of the Keep, there were already a ton of ghouls ready to advance onto the King's throne, the group pushed inside and met up with Aman'Thuzal, who exchanged words and disappeared. Azaxle tried to speak with the King, but he was met with insults and he had no choice but to turn back, fighting ghouls on the way out. Getting back into the Trade District, they began encountering nerubians and just as they were about to make it to the gryphons, Anub'Rekhar encountered them and fought for a while before disappearing explaining how short on time they were. It was already too late though, Azaxle opened a portal to home and departed Stormwind with his group just as Voltanaras fired it's main cannon upon Stormwind. With the destruction of Stormwind, Nimorrax found one of five artifact pieces and began to prepare for his next attack against the factions major cities. Later on, a Shadow Op spoke to Seishou about the location of Voltanaras. It was in Silithus, the Shadow Op recommended launching an attack soon before Nimorrax goes for another city. The Shadow Op was ordered to scout the area for any silithid activity and whom all they might be fighting once an attack is launched. It's a race against the clock...

Final BattleEdit

A quick ending, that is what he wants no matter how much he hates Silithus. Azaxle rallied up a small force of Forbidden under his control and headed to Silithus right away to finish off the Plague Lord, Nimorrax. Once they arrived at Silithus, they were immediately attacked by the Forbidden under Nimorrax's control, hundreds were scattered around Silithus, the path was long and it didn't prove easy to conquer, about half-way through to Voltanaras, Azaxle sensed a being of his own nearby and took a quick detour to a downed necropolis, killing everything that stood in his way, once inside they headed up toward the top ripping the ghouls guarding the being to shreds. Upon entering the room, they encountered two Death Knights and finished them off with ease. Then, Azaxle transported the crystal containing a being into his Void and headed back out to continue their quest against Nimorrax. While nearing the end after an encounter with two Frostbrood Wyrms, they met up with Ketanagosa and five of her broods. The Frostbrood Wyrms attacked relentlessly and fell to the blades of the Forbidden under Azaxle's command. Ketanagosa charged at the group, trying to covince the Forbidden that Azaxle is the true enemy, she failed and ultimately met her demise at the hands of the manipulated Forbidden. Mothrazor greeted the manipulated Forbidden coldly, he did not want to be disappointed by Azaxle. Once the group entered Voltanaras they were reunited with Acerah... again, in an unpleasant way, Acerah retreated to the back waiting for the group. They fought their way to the middle, a small band of manipulated Forbidden battled the true Forbidden within while Azaxle dealt with Mothrazor. The two left, 'Rose' Lovelocke and Erebos encountered Anub'Rekhar. He fell in battle. Feydis. She fell in battle. Aman'Thuzal. He fell in battle. Acerah, he held them off while Mothrazor was dealing with Azaxle. After much struggle, Anu'velris, Azaxle's nemesis made an appearance and angered Azaxle greatly causing him to create a massive explosion within Voltanaras blowing Mothrazor far back weakening him severely. Anu'velris taunted Azaxle which made him grow evermore angry, finally, after defeating Mothrazor and Acerah, Nimorrax jumped down from high above causing a shockwave and relentlessly attacked Azaxle, who then ordered the manipulated Forbidden to aid him. Erebos and 'Rose' did what they could to help Azaxle and after much struggle, Nimorrax fell in battle, he was lifeless.


Azaxle took 'Rose' and Erebos up to the makeshift throne when suddenly Kevonus bursted out of Nimorrax's body, slightly aggravated that Azaxle had destroyed his vessel. Kevonus persuaded Azaxle to speak his true intentions, thus, he did. It was not pleasant either, his intentions were to use The Forbidden's power in order to speed up Azeroth's death, where he would be safe within his Void and move onto another planet. Anu'velris appeared yet again and taunted Azaxle. Angry, Azaxle tried to steal Kevonus' soul but he retaliated by causing a massive explosion and created a barrier around himself, Azaxle transformed into his Void form and the four Warlocks under Kevonus' control appeared. Azaxle knew he wouldn't last there and retreated assuring everyone that this is not the last time he will be seen and that doom will fall upon them all. Kevonus ordered Mothrazor, Erebos and 'Rose' Lovelocke to rally up ALL of The Forbidden and to convince the 'traitors' that Azaxle is truly the enemy of The Forbidden. Voltanaras was transferred over the top of New Death's Ocean. Everyone went home to regain their strength and stamina for the times to come, Azaxle's reign has merely just begun, nobody knows what horror lies ahead. Yet, Kevonus is determined to banish Azaxle for an eternity.

A seemingly quiet day in New Death's Ocean, everyone gathered around the bonfire of torture. While everyone discussed the bonfire amongst themselves, civilians began gathering around and unknowingly to the Forbidden, they were Voids. The civilians around them began transforming into their true forms as Voids and attacked The Forbidden while they were off guard. After clearing out the town square, Kevonus called out for help from the palace and The Forbidden rushed off to the palace clearing all of the Void in their way. Once they got up to Kevonus, they helped him defeat the Voids that ambushed him. Zuramat was before the group on Kevonus' throne and taunted them, after an exchange of words, Zuramat attacked the group and they retaliated, after a struggle, Zuramat was defeated and Azaxle was 'before' the group speaking to them from a distant yet nearby location. He taunted them to his base located out in the forest outside of the city, everyone searched the city for any remaining Void and headed out to the forest to find the base Azaxle spoke of, once they arrived there, Kevonus was already waiting. Voids once again attacked the group and were obliterated. All but one portal shut off and Azaxle came through the active portal to insult the group. His intentions are to suck the soul out of every living being on the planet, to make things worse, he explained that the Voids don't die and sure enough, Zuramat was back for more and Azaxle disappeared leaving Zuramat to deal with the Forbidden again. After another long struggle, Zuramat was defeated again and Kevonus ordered the portals to be destroyed and everyone headed back into the city to prepare for an assault upon Silvermoon City. With the unexpected attack, who can be trusted? Who is Void and who is not? Voltanaras sets course for Silvermoon...

Coheavus gathered up a small squad of Forbidden members to assist him in the assault on Silvermoon! Kevonus was not joining them in this raid for reasons to be revealed later. Coheavus briefed the Forbidden, consisting of Acerah, Siria, Lovelocke, Vathirumus, and Alvive. They all understood their place: To help in case there is a Void presence there. As they all gathered up their things, Coheavus made a portal linked to Voltanaras, and they all entered. When they got there...something was amiss. There were no guards on board. Coheavus vocalized this worry and alerted the others to the sudden change. They began to inspect when Voltanaras came to a sudden and bone-shakingly stirring halt! They struggled to keep balanced and rode through the jarring tremors...and a Shadow Ops operative appeared. He explained that there was nothing in the way of Voltanaras' course, but it wouldn't move on. They questioned him on where the guards were, and the operative explained that a courier brought orders from Kevonus. They were to remain belowdecks. The operative, realizing that this wasn't what was supposed to happen, informed Coheavus that he thought the courier was a fake. Coheavus ignored the idiotic operative and ported the group down to Silvermoon. They beheld at the gates of Silvermoon: Voids. They cursed their luck and ran toward them, slashing through the gaseous forms. They ran into the seemingly deserted city...and encountered even more Voids! The Voids cried out the names of their liegelords: The Master, Zuramat, Omniraitrenous, and Nazegoth. The last two names confounded the Forbidden, except for Rose. He gritted his teeth and moved on, anxious to see if what the Void said was true.

After fighting through more legions of Voids, some of which identified themselves as the same that fought them in Death's Ocean, they were adressed by a silhouette in a building off to the side...They entered and saw standing before them a heavily-armored draenei female. Ace cocked his head and recognized her as Vesica: The lover of Zaale, who was the priest that Azaxle was born from. Azaxle had been, while with the Forbidden truthfully, searching for this woman, as she possessed a shred of Zaale's soul. The last shred. He planned to rid himself of his nobler light side by making him whole, then destroying him. She spoke of things that only they knew, such as the artifacts. She explained that they should hurry, but be wary of he is apparently waiting with new souls to power him. As she explained, her eyes glossed over slightly, and she looked at Rose. She explained an enemy was waiting for him. He winced slightly as he realized what she meant. Before he could voice his thoughts, she began speaking once more. She held up an onyx locket, and explained that it -must- come in contact with Azaxle if they want any hope at all. She also explained that it must be taken from her, as she could not willingly give it away. Rose stepped forward at the urging of Coheavus, and took it from her. When he did, she seemed to age slightly...somehow, she also seemed calm and at peace. She bid them farewell, and went up the staircase where she, unbeknownst to the Forbidden, passed away. The Forbidden entered the main square of Silvermoon, and were assailed by a large amount of small-time Voidwalkers. As they fought, Azaxle taunted them from within Silvermoon's seat of power. Rose, becoming enraged, strode on ahead of the group. He stopped at the end of the walkway. Standing there were two large Voids, one a huge Voidcaller, the other a huge Voidwraith. Azaxle introduced them as his two new generals: Omniraitrenous, Scourge of the Ethereals, and Nazegoth, the Furious Storm. Nazegoth looked at Rose, and Rose looked at Nazegoth. Nazegoth taunted Rose before disappearing with Omniraitrenous, leaving behind a legion of Void for them to dispatch.

The Forbidden did so, with Rose furiously hacking away, enraged by the appearance of Nazegoth. After they defeated the entire group, Azaxle beckoned them into the small keep...When they entered, he stood taller, and blanketed in a fine black mist. He wielded an elegant blade...and was, more importantly, surrounded by scintillating crystals that housed souls. Coheavus challenged Azaxle, and generated a spike of arcane energy beneath him, using the power of Anu'velris, which was infused in his staff. However, Rose dashed forward right as this happened, and Azaxle simply blinked back, allowing Rose to get hit by the spike. The group attacked him and failed, starting with Siria, who ran up to slash at him, by hit nothing but thin air. Azaxle blinked behind Coheavus, slashing down with his blade: Hitting Coheavus and throwing him forward. Vathirumus fired off a shadow spike flying at Azaxle, but the souls protected him by creating a barrier around his form. Azaxle caused this barrier to explode, which sent Rose's weapon out of his hand, striking Vathirumus. Rose struggled up, and looked at the locket Vesica had given him...he waited for it to do something, but it never did. He cursed in anger and wrapped the chain around his fist. Rose charged Azaxle and punched down at him, allowing the locket to make contact with his skin. Instantly, Azaxle's form became clear: and he returned to normal size. He was suffused with light, then darkness came back. He looked at Rose, and another explosion came from him, blowing back all of the Forbidden. He screamed aloud at them as he went shrieking into a portal, retreating. As he did so, a kinder, more natural voice came through the portal, letting them know that Azaxle will be indisposed and unable to attack, and that they'd best get going. Azaxle's regular, more feigned voice overpowered it then, cursing them all and swearing revenge for what had just happened. The Forbidden helped each other up, then made their way back to encounter Zuramat, with a large amount of Void and a runic summoning circle. They hacked and slashed their way through Void beings, then interrupted the summoning. Zuramat became furious, and assaulted them all at that point. With a battle that shook the entire Necropolis, he was finished by the combined efforts of all of the Forbidden, the finishing blow being dealt by Rose, who cursed Nazegoth and revealed some of his past: that he had banished Nazegoth long, long ago.

After the destruction of Silvermoon, Vathirumus went down to find the artifact, while the rest of them went to go recuperate at Death's Ocean...or so they thought. Rose left to go off to his house, and a mysterious figure appeared. After blowing off their attacks with little trouble, and even mortally wounding Coheavus and Siria, he delivered...a warning? Advice? He told them that Azaxle trapped himself within his Void, and would be in there for a short amount of time. He advised them to act and retrieve all of the artifacts...then...told them to "Turn their the north." With that, he left. And the Forbidden were left to recover from a long and arduous battle. However, all was not over for the mysterious messenger. He returned to Azaxle's Void to find Azaxle sitting there, brooding on his throne. Nazegoth, the messenger, looked defiantly up at Azaxle, but Azaxle only laughed. He explained that he purposefully instigated Nazegoth: That he wanted him to bring that message to the Forbidden. And that if he wanted his prize of Rose Lovelocke, he was on the right path. Nazegoth attempted to attack him, but was driven off: he was in Azaxle's Void, and was powerless there, whereas he would usually be a match for Azaxle. Nazegoth went off to a smaller corner, away from Azaxle, leaving the troll there...grinning with his straight, white teeth...while thinking of the time to come.

Not so very long after the assault on Silvermoon, the Forbidden seized the opportunity to get more artifact pieces before Azaxle is released from his self-imprisonment in the Void. They decided to actually do the noble thing and warn Orgrimmar before bombing it. When they got there, they were greeted by the same Warchief that Azaxle had helped during Nimorrax's raid on Orgrimmar, a descendant of High Overlord Saurfang. When told about the artifact, he alluded to the existence of a gun in Orgrimmar, apparently a piece of technology from long, long ago. One of the members in Coheavus' party, Alfry Walker, realized that this MUST be his gun, or at least that it would be a suitable replacement. While Rose and Alfry talked of the possibilities of it being Alfry's gun, Coheavus and Mothrazor attempted to reason with the Warchief. Sadly, thanks to the advisor of Saurfang, they were denied. The advisor stated that Azaxle had helped them, even when they were too ignorant to accept real help. Saurfang looked on this example with good grace and told the Forbidden to leave the city, and never return. However, thanks to the sympathetic side of the Warchief, he granted Alfry his request and asked only that the gun be returned before Alfry died of natural causes. IF he did. While Coheavus prepped up Voltanaras to just outright destroy Orgrimmar and all in it, Alfry and the rest of the group headed toward the cleft of shadows, where the gun was held. Once there, Alfry met up with a descendant of the warlock who had apparently banished him to this timeline. This resulted in a small brawl, ending with Alfry knocking the orc out, and took his gun, which the warlock's ancestor stole from him so long ago.

When the rest of the group caught up to Coheavus, he was already in Voltanaras, having summoned the adventurers there via a portal. While they watched Coheavus casting a spell to detect Voids if they chose to enter the necropolis, a shadow ops member appeared from belowdecks. She explained that a horde airship was in the way of a direct route over Orgrimmar, and that they had two options for getting rid of it: Either board it and slay all of the orcs or just hover Voltanaras above it and shoot THROUGH it. The latter option, however, would allow wyvern riders to enter the open lower floor and infiltrate Voltanaras. Not wanting to risk their key to retrieving the artifacts, they boarded. When they did, the Forbidden easily dispatched the guards aboard the gunship. Once they finished, they encountered the captain of the ship: The advisor who turned Saurfang against them. He explained that they had met Silvermoon. The puzzled Forbidden members wondered what this odd orc was talking about, then he changed...and revealed his true form. Omniraitrenous. He assaulted them on the ship, and the scared engineers and pilots jumped ship, allowing the airship to slowly lose altitude... The Forbidden were joined by Coheavus, who helped them defeat Omniraitrenous quickly. However, they knew he would just see them again after regenerating in the Void. They ran back to the portal on the ship and escaped to Voltanaras, where they were ready to finally destroy Orgrimmar. Then...a Void portal appeared. As...something...made it's way through, beings directly near the portal had their lives just...snuffed out. Nazegoth appeared through the portal, in his Void form. This enraged Rose and caused him to run across the necropolis to fight Nazegoth...

After his foolish charge, Rose found himself in the arena. He had tried using that locket, but it didn't work...he did not know that it only worked with Azaxle. And would only work one time. The Forbidden took up arms against Nazegoth...but to no end. Their attacks were nearly useless against him, and Coheavus even met his end fighting the monstrosity that was Nazegoth. The Forbidden were saved by a mysterious, silver-clad human who ran in while Nazegoth fired off another devastating attack. The human just stood there as Coheavus was killed by it. Nazegoth showed a considerable amount of rage at the appearance of the human, and opened a portal, where they could continue in private. After the two disappeared, Rose ran over to Coheavus, listening to the advice of the mysterious human and staying behind. Erebos was left in charge of Voltanaras since Coheavus had passed on...and consequently destroyed Orgrimmar, retrieving the artifact. On a distant mountain, Nazegoth and the human showed down. They spoke of odd things (not relevant to the plot of this RP but actually relevant to the plot of ANOTHER not-guild-RP, so it's relevant for that) and the human, revealed to be an elemental named Gamin, sliced down through the air with his axe, creating spirals of wind. Nazegoth failed to block this, and was in fact INJURED. Before the fight could go on though...a portal opened between the two of them. And from it emerged... Azaxle. Out before everyone's predictions, he talked down to Nazegoth and told him to get in the portal. Gamin attacked Azaxle, but Azaxle simply blinked behind him, advising him to leave. Gamin did so, having been told by Nazegoth that a Void God named Anar'ka brought him back to this world...So Gamin put two and two together, and vanished. After a few words of assurance from Azaxle, a newly cooperative Nazegoth went in the portal, and Azaxle looked out over the world, and reveled in his vision of what it would look like devoid of all things living. Soon, it would simply die.

As the Forbidden recovered from their recent, horrible battle: Something brewed in Thunder Bluff. The descendant of the legendary Cairne Bloodhoof found a shining ball of energy in the face of the bluff. After excavating it, it stole his life. The city of Thunder Bluff then went into a quiet civil war. Back at Death's Ocean, Kevonus gathered up a group of Forbidden and led them to the newly leaderless city. Upon arriving, they are bombarded! ...By campaigns. Two families claimed right to the leadership now that the Bloodhoof line had ended: The Runetotems and the Grimtotems. Led by Hamuul and Magatha respectively, both made promises to grant the artifact to the Forbidden if they used their unaffected party status to break the tie that had developed between the two factions. As they listened to the speeches of the two families, they grew outrageously bored. After commenting on the caliber of women in Thunder Bluff, they were corralled onto the third rise, where the two candidates were getting ready. When they finally saw the two candidates, they suffered from a barrage of promises and gifts. Through it all, they figured out that Hamuul would hand the "evil" artifact over immediately: whereas Magatha would keep it for herself and reveal a second artifact to them. Hamuul also knew of this second artifact, but not it's exact location. The Forbidden chose Hamuul Runetotem to lead Thunder Bluff, and in doing so, attained their artifact. Hamuul directed them to Desolace as the location of their next artifact. Two artifacts in one outing? Great, thought the Forbidden. Oh, how wrong they would be.

As they searched through the kodo graveyard, they heard tell of "dark elementals" haunting the southern end of the dig site that the Grimtotems set up, and the Runetotems subsequently took over. As the Forbidden headed to the southern end, they caught sight of a small Void and set upon it. Kevonus looked on toward the canyon that the Void had came from, and the Forbidden made their way to the foreboding place. Before reaching it, they met up with...Hamuul. He explained that he was threatened into giving Azaxle information on them, and that Thunder Bluff would've been destroyed had he not done so. Kevonus told him that any other day would've been marked the tauren's demise, but since they were so close to reaching their goal, he told the Tauren to run. Hamuul did so. Soon after, they ran into Void forces. As they slashed their way through the Voids, they saw...Zuramat?! But he was supposed to be gone forever! Upon seeing the force that destroyed him before, Zuramat ran...abandoning his one chance at redemption. Now Zuramat is truthfully gone, his very being now used as fuel for Azaxle's horrible machinations...upon reaching the center of the canyon, they ran into Omniraitrenous, who stood guard over a rune circle with four Voidcallers surrounding it...and on either side was a massive skeleton of some ancient beast. And in the eye of one of them was: the artifact. They tried reaching the Voidcallers, but Omniraitrenous got in the way. After spending a long amount of time that they didn't have, Omniraitrenous self-destructed, injuring the Forbidden greatly. With that act, he gave the Callers enough time to do what they had been doing the entire time: binding the artifact within a re-animated monster. It resembled a snake...only with wings and horrible claws, and an open chest. It screeched at them and almost attacked...but was teleported away by an unseen force. They gained one artifact, but the last they hope to get is sealed within a gargantuan beast...

Hours later, Erebos had abandoned The Forbidden and made his way to Mount Hyjal as he sensed a powerful force there. He hoped that whatever it was that it might be able to help him, but he felt uncertain if whatever was there would actually help him. Upon arriving in the newly formed crater in Hyjal, Erebos confronted where the being had landed, under rocks, powerful energy arcing from out of it. Erebos smashed the rocks apart and inspected the being, who then coughed and began moving around freed from his prison. The being got up and looked around, intrigued by what he saw, Erebos looked at him and knew that energy sparking off of him. He just couldn't remember who though, the being spoke and then it hit Erebos. It was Putrud, after so long, Putrud had finally returned to Azeroth to wreak havoc and destroy it once again. Putrud didn't recognize Erebos who was suffering from his demon within. Putrud offered Erebos help and he accepted it. Upon accepting help however, he was forced to pledge loyalty to Putrud, thus began the reversal of the demon trying to break free and doing so he also empowered Erebos. He dismissed Erebos and said he would call him later.

The Forbidden made way for Hillsbrad, having been directed there by Seishou. Upon reaching Hillsbrad via portal, they found themselves in Tarren Mill. It was occupied with Forbidden forces, for a change. There were also three civilians. Each with an annoying personality trait, one revealed that the beast they searched for had left a trail in meat from livestock and Mothrazor so quaintly put it "shit". Upon following this long trail, they crossed into Arathi Highlands. They saw an abundance in old meat and droppings, suggesting that the wall was once it's roost. However, they saw that the trail led on. As they followed it...they reached the old ruins of a fortress, now dilapidated and covered with refuse...and heaps of the beast's offal. They expected to see the monster, but instead they met with three homeless chaps. Creepjack, Epic Malone, and Dirty Larry. They questioned the three poor homeless men, starting off by hurling a sword into Malone's stubby dwarven leg. After that, they homeless wise-crackers were shaken up. As Mothrazor interrogated the leader, Larry, Cleavus made for Creepjack. Picking the gnome up and taking him over to the fire place, he was unable to continue his little game before Larry cracked. The monster roosted currently at the old Thandol Bridge. And onward the Forbidden went.


They reached the Thandol Span, and subsequently the bridge...and the beast greeted them. The artifact was tainted and pulsing in it's chest. Kevonus was angered that his creation was in such a horrible and primal creature, but they ran in to retrieve it. Then something unexpected happened. Azaxle yelled out from a vantage point above, and taunted them as they fought. As they fought, each member of the Forbidden felt their hate for the manipulative troll increase, and they attacked the monster in a flurry of attacks, including stabbing it in the jaw, eye, gut, and slicing half-way through it's torso. No matter how much damage they did, the beast kept attacking. Just when they thought nothing they did would pierce through it's magic resistant scales and high threshold for pain, it jerked oddly. It then looked down at them with bulging eye(s?) and the flesh ripped from it's bones in a horrid explosion, showering the Forbidden in snake-muck. Kevonus quickly collected the artifact...and they almost got away... Until Azaxle stopped them and laughed directly in their faces. He applauded them, thanking them for making the creature so much more tameable. He then encased them in a barrier for a few quick seconds...and resurrected the beast as Basas'el, Thrall of the Void. Made of bones and magic, this may be a tough battle. Nevertheless, it was in between the Forbidden and bringing back the final artifact. They HAD to fight it.

It was a tough fight, one that Azaxle left before seeing the conclusion too. Alfry Walker, the intrepid time-traveling human, had hatched a brilliant scheme. It had risks though, and the risks came out against Alfry. The bridge blew up from the heaps of dynamite that Alrfy had found within it, left behind by the dwarves no doubt. Sadly...Basas'el flew above the explosion, and the Forbidden flew INTO the water below...they gained another artifact, but they gave Azaxle yet another minion to throw at them...They went home, with mixed feelings of success and failure. Most of all was Alfry, who had lost his gun irrevocably...and had failed the organization he had come to ally with. While in Death's Ocean, they knew they had to act fast. They decided to act on Nazegoth's advice. To look to the North. As such, they headed for Northrend and encountered heavy resistance. On board Voltanaras, they had decided to allocate their reinforcements upstairs, while they held off the Voids from the lower levels. The Voids kept coming, and Kevonus had weathered enough of their pointless attacks. He was getting angry, and began summoning Anu'velris. The Forbidden defended him as best they could, and succeeded! The combined efforts of Rose, Alfry, Mothrazor, Vath and two newcomers: Scarly and Maverick, saved the day. However, more Voids approached, and the forces upstairs seemed to be having trouble. Anu'velris volunteered to stay and divert the Void forces while the Forbidden hurried to see the commotion.

It was Basas'el. He had flown in and routed the Forbidden troops rather effectively. However, they had a score to settle with this undead beast. Though Basas'el single-handedly wiped out the Forbidden forces on deck, he was weakened from the fighting. The Forbidden quickly routed him this time, allowing no room for failure. (CACTUAR POWER!) As the encounter came to a close, Basas'el seemed to hold up even with snapped bones. The Forbidden feared a powerful counter-attack brewing...but Anu'velris would not have it. He made a quick portal, and absolutely -destroyed- the bony pest. Heated bones flew throughout the necropolis, injuring Maverick and Scarly. Just when they thought it was over, more Voids flooded the lower levels. Anu'velris quickly went back down to deal with them...however, that was exactly what Nazegoth wanted him to do. Appearing behind the Forbidden, Nazegoth explained that he had tired with this farce they called a war, and wanted them dead. Now. Unleashing a horrible, searing attack upon them, all of the Forbidden were debilitated...but then the mysterious warrior came to save the day once more! Or so they thought. Rose had found the strength of will to try and help Gamin, but Gamin told Rose to hold still. As Nazegoth and Gamin fought it out, Nazegoth felt the weakness of age had set in on Gamin...and then finished him. Gamin sent out a powerful attack, but Nazegoth corrupted it with Void energy and sent it spiraling back at him, smashing Gamin off the wall behind hm and showering him in rubble. And so Nazegoth thought him finished. As he was about to do the same to the Forbidden...

Azaxle appeared. He explained that he did not want Nazegoth to kill the Forbidden. Nazegoth fumed with rage, attempting to overpower Azaxle's will by explaining that he was doing a favor. Azaxle scoffed at him, mocked him and his power even. Nazegoth grew even angrier...and began to suck the Forbidden into his storm. Azaxle stood in place, seemingly unaffected. As the battle of wills went on, Azaxle explained that Nazegoth defied not Azaxle, but defied his fate. Azaxle was the power keeping Nazegoth on Azeroth(rhymes). Nazegoth only looked on. Azaxle then told him that should he kill the Forbidden then and there, his time on Azeroth was over. Nazegoth relinquished his hold on the Forbidden. They fell to the ground with tremendous force, injuring them further. Nazegoth began to move forward, when Gamin escaped with his usual grandeur. Azaxle then laughed at Nazegoth, teasing him because his anger clouded his senses, allowing Gamin to escape with his life. Nazegoth entered the portal, fuming with his power...but Azaxle stayed. He explained to the Forbidden, after stabbing one particular upstart, that what he had in store for them was a much...grander fate, than what Nazegoth would deal them. Azaxle departed then, leaving the hurt Forbidden feeling utterly defeated. They made their presence known in Northrend...but only as weak fools. They wanted to correct it. Just then, Azaxle chimed in through the portal, "I also formally invite you all to Icecrown Citadel. It shall be the grand opening of the final act." So they knew what was next. Braving Icecrown the Forbidden left, Kevonus stayed in Northrend. The former Lich King was gaining power from being within his previous domain, and it felt good. Releasing a wave of this power shook Voltanaras to it's core...subsequently weakening it. Cheeky bastard.

Back in Death's Ocean, Seishou greeted the Forbidden with open arms...until Putrud showed up. Yes, Putrud, and he was right mad about something. Rose, Vathirumus, Seishou, and Scarly were the only ones around to deal with the menace from another dimension...until Erebos arrived. He explained that even with his pledged oath of loyalty, he could not allow Putrud to harm the Forbidden. Too long was Erebos' torment of being a traitor, and not being trusted in the eyes of the previously trustworthy Azaxle. Putrud was not amused. They clashed, with the four members of the Forbidden playing minor parts aside from distracting the end, Erebos came out on top...somehow. Seishou eyed Erebos oddly, but then abated his worries. Erebos wouldn't betray them again. In fact, he couldn't. Erebos had fallen into a comatosed state as a result of clashing with such a powerful nemesis. They decapitated and burned the body, happy that their resident demon was back. If only they knew.

The Forbidden had a daunting task ahead of them. Icecrown Citadel. It had been a long time since Kevonus had been the Lich King, though when he stepped foot on the soil, his powers were slowly restoring due most likely to the absence of the current Lich King, Keth'zulad. The Forbidden were welcomed in the first room by their forces, and a disgruntled Aman'thuzal, who couldn't get past a large fiery barrier looming in the doorway.

As the Forbidden approached, a specter slowly appeared before them. It was that of Captain Theodon, a death knight who served the Kevonus-possessed Nimorrax. He spoke in rhymes and in riddles, and explained that there were challenges not only of the body but of the mind waiting for them in the Citadel. He then presented them with the first: a riddle. The riddle was actually a trick-question, solved after a long time's deliberation. As they passed though the now-cleared doorway, they entered the second room to see eight orbs scattered around the large space. Theodon appeared again and explained that each contained a letter. When all letters were gathered, the Forbidden would have to arrange them into a word. As they gathered all eight letters, an elf by the name of Maverick shouted out the word: blockade. The third room presented a more odd challenge still. Three of the Forbidden were encapsulated in ice: Mothrazor, Vathirumus, and Acerah. The remaining three Forbidden, Rose, Alfry, and Maverick, were forced to play a twisted game of charades to free them. The first freed was Vathirumus, who's word was "revive". Next was Acerah, freed by the word "kill". Mothrazor proved the strangest and hardest of all the puzzles. "Cow" stumped Rose, Maverick, Acerah, Alfry, and Vathirumus for an insurmountable amount of time.


The fourth room presented an oddity. A chained orc lay dormant in the middle of the room. Mothrazor and company approached until a very familiar and dreaded voice sounded out. Azaxle waltzed down the stairs, silhouetted and surrounded by swirling souls. He walked up to the orc and addressed him as Dathrak. Then freed him. The orc turned out to be a monstrous Void, one that Azaxle seemed to have manipulated into a trap. Azaxle weaved the web around Dathrak further by mentioning the presence of a powerful being atop the Citadel: Kevonus. Dathrak was a bestial force of nature that hungered for one thing only: power. After Azaxle persuaded him to spare his life and take that of the Forbidden members, Dathrak gleefully complied. The fight was short-lived. Dathrak would've surely destroyed them all had it not been for Azaxle appearing suddenly. He seemed in a rush. Dathrak screamed in rage at being denied his power, and before leaving to deal with the troublesome Kevonus, he warned all in the room, including Azaxle, that they would be his. Dathrak disappeared, and after laughing in the face of his enemies, so did Azaxle.

From there, the Forbidden were faced with yet another puzzle. This one required either dumb luck or a knowledge of mathematics. The Forbidden went with the former. After solving the puzzle of placing corpses upon pressure plates hidden beneath rugs, they ascended. As they arrived atop the tower, an enrage Azaxle stood over a nearly dead Kevonus. Dathrak had fled. Azaxle was enraged that his precious captive and trump card had escaped, but also worried. Dathrak was more powerful than he, and Azaxle had heretofore relied on his wits to trick and manipulate Dathrak. This twist was the first of many for Azaxle the manipulator. As he looked toward the Forbidden, he backed away toward the edge, deciding the time was right for a full explanation of his plans. Azaxle meant to fire upon Icecrown Citadel with a massive machine that he called a Soul Engine. Doing so will enough times will enable him to pierce the saronite palace and do that which he had ventured out to do: Kill the slumbering Old God beneath it.

Mothrazor cursed aloud and attempted to push Azaxle off the edge. Before being able to do so, Azaxle simply walked off the Citadel. Mothrazor blinked a few times, then was overshadowed by a huge machine that rose up from where Azaxle fell. The Soul Engine. Azaxle laughed and laughed, having finally revealed his true insanity. The Forbidden gathered up Kevonus and fled Icecrown Citadel via portal to Voltanaras. They then planned to assault the place in full swing, to see if they can't prevent Azaxle from killing and absorbing the soul of the Old God.

They had a week of preparations, as Azaxle's forces barred them from entering and they battered the airways constantly with Voltanaras. The Soul Engine itself was feeding from the residual power of all the lost souls in Icecrown. As the Forbidden finally arrived, they saw that they were in a bad shape on the frontlines. The elite group of Forbidden, led by Mothrazor, penetrated the Void line and dealt the crippling blow. Forbidden forces controlled the front and held it thanks to them. Much was owed to a mysterious warrior akin to Gamin: he assumed the mantle of Turalyon, for unknown reasons.

As Mothrazor and Turalyon led the Forbidden to the chamber beneath the Citadel, they encountered Nazegoth. Enraged, Turalyon attempted to end the fight then and there, but Nazegoth easily overwhelmed him. He allowed the Forbidden to proceed, however. He explained that he was tired of Azaxle's plan and wanted true freedom to follow his own will. Though his future is not brighter than Azaxle's. Nazegoth was just as evil and had the means to bring the world to it's knees. Mothrazor, undaunted by the appearance of Nazegoth, led the Forbidden down into the depths known as Naz'anak. There, waiting for them, was the Guardian. The Guardian had, as many others have been, manipulated and lied to by Azaxle. He attacked suddenly, and the fight was on. The Guardian was much too strong for the Forbidden to defeat on their own, so they called in reinforcements. The reinforcements perished against the holy might of the faceless Guardian, who was created to purge evil. The dire Forbidden were contacted by a powerful intrusion in their minds then...the Old God. After persuasion, they accepted his help. The Guardian fell, as did the Forbidden's chances at stopping Azaxle, though they did not know that.

The Old God proved treacherous and allowed himself to be killed by Azaxle. His soul would be free from the earthen prison that way...the Forbidden cursed the luck and ran as Azaxle fired off concentrated blasts into the Citadel. They left in the nick of time, fleeing as the Old God's soul inhabited Azaxle's body and invigorated him beyond any other being they had met before. He was no longer Azaxle OR Anar'ka. He was Aza'zoth.

Final BattleEdit

The Forbidden boarded Voltanaras and gave chase to the fleeing Azaxle, who had mysteriously disappeared in the rubble of Icecrown Citadel. As they prepared to go into warp, they were huddled into a runic circle by Aman'thuzal, who meant to protect the noble yet corrupt warriors. He knew their value. As they re-entered a more material plane, they saw that all of their forces were gone. Azaxle's voice rang out, augmented by the Old God's and Anar'ka's. He explained that it was his doing. Their forces were gone, and Aman'thuzal had fled before he was annihilated as well. The Necropolis then swarmed with Void, and Aza'zoth's laughter. After defeating them AND defusing a mana bomb that was summoned in by them, they were exhausted. Rose, Gamin, and Turalyon were all on board, and resolute in their purpose to defeat Nazegoth, so they could be counted upon. Mothrazor, even with his power source kidnapped and inhabiting the body of a Void, had his strength. The others were all ready as ever for the final fight, and so it began.

They walked through a portal and found themselves on the platform of the Soul Engine, situated above the Engine of the Makers, a deep, deep hole that was to be Azaxle's way of spreading the leeching power of his machine throughout all of Azeroth. They shared the platform with another, however: Aza'zoth. The leaped into battle, though their attacks did little to nothing. Khalous, a relatively seasoned soldier, was thrown off the platform, while the others were gravely injured in the fight. Just as the finishing attack was to be delivered: Aza'zoth stopped. The personalities were having at each other, Azaxle and Anar'ka attempted to control the Old God's soul, which was proving MUCH too difficult. As he struggled with himself, Aza'zoth and the Forbidden were joined by Anu'velris and Nazegoth, both of which were exuding their power as much as they could. The three mighty beings all gathered atop a machine made to destroy using the powers of other things was tearing at reality. The Forbidden felt themselves being ripped apart as they ran to the portal through which they entered. They were back in Voltanaras, as was Aman'thuzal.

The immense levels of power down on the platform clouded the Forbidden's senses, not allowing the feeling of Voltanaras charging it's cannon. Fully charged, they fired upon the Soul Engine. The resulting mana explosion destroyed anything near. Azaxle and Anar'ka shielded one another best as they could, while the Old God attempted to absorb the loose energy that was not only stored in the Engine, but that which was being leeched, and that which was stored in the Void. The Old God was annihilated. Nazegoth felt Voltanaras being fired and attempted to flee, and he did, but not unscathed. Anu'velris knew nothing of the oncoming destruction, and was absolutely destroyed, his arcane energy being taken into the mass of energy that was the explosion, and then evaporated as it combusted. The worst result of this explosion must have been the destruction of Voltanaras: it fell to the earth and was cracked open like and egg. The Forbidden were spared a similar fate, though Mothrazor's child seemed to have been onboard. She is likely dead.

As they scouted the area, they found Khalous' mangled yet still-living body. He stumbled to his feet and joined the Forbidden, and saw with them an extraordinary sight. The crashed Soul Engine. The wreckage leaked man into the atmosphere, and it energized and marred the barren snowy lands of Storm Peaks. Within the middle of the wreckage, however, held the TRUE unbelievable sight. Azaxle the troll fighting Anar'ka the Void God. The Forbidden sat stupefied for a while. Then rushed in to help the weakened Azaxle after a long moment's deliberation. The fight with Anar'ka was extremely difficult...and the Forbidden lost. They could not destroy him before he escaped to destroy Death's Ocean, to annihilate the last of what made the Forbidden a force to be reckoned with. As they attempted to leave, they noticed Gamin, Rose, and Turalyon fighting with Nazegoth. As they neared, they noticed Nazegoth floating over three silhouetted bodies, the defeated trio. Defeated, but not yet dead.

Rose struggled to his feet and ran toward Nazegoth, attempting to do some damage, ANY damge. To no avail. Nazegoth, sure of his victory, descended for the killing blow. However, in a brilliant flash of light, Rose made another attack. This one was successful. May it be marked down that not Gamin, the knight of the wind, nor Turalyon, the lion-hearted knight of the earth dealt the finishing blow to Nazegoth, but it was the mortal "Rose" Lovelocke that won the day. Won the day, but not the world. Anar'ka was left to be defeated. Rose nodded to his friends as they departed with warm words, then narrowed his eyes at the new Azaxle, whom was back in his familiar robe and was definitely NOT a Void God. After a short moment of near-animosity, they departed for Death's Ocean. All did not trust Azaxle, but realized that he was needed should they want to find Anar'ka if the encounter at Death's Ocean went sour, and the Void God fled once more.

It did indeed go sour, but not in that way. Dathrak appeared, there to fulfill his oath of vengeance on the Void God Anar'ka. His entropic powers began to destroy the buldings of Death's Ocean, then he dealt a finishing blow to Anar'ka, right as the Forbidden fled. Dathrak reveled in his victory. His short-lived victory. A mysterious figure appeared, tsking at the sight of his creation beaten by the orcish brute of a Void. The unknown man walked forward, and right before Dathrak's incredulous eyes, absorbed the spark of Anar'ka. Dathrak screamed in fury and tried warning the man, tried convincing him to give the spark back. The man's voice wasn't calm nor shaking with fury or fear. It was nearly monotonous, though cold and heartless as a moonless night. He told Dathrak that he would not receive that which was never rightfully his to begin with. Then the man faded from sight. That sealed Death's Ocean's fate as the enrage Dathrak's power tore the city apart.

Away from that place, in the dark woods of the Ghostlands, the remaining Forbidden pondered their best course of action. Azaxle was rather aloof and detached from the situation, which earned him unneccesary animosity from Lovelocke, who had to his knowledge lost the woman he had been longing after, Siria. Erebos was awake and with them, wondering just what was actually happening. Mothrazor was a hopeless wreck. However, he was stirred by Azaxle's words, that there was a portal along the dead scar to the south.

Nehemus, Death's ValleyEdit

They entered, and were welcomed by a grand city. In this city sat Nehemus, son of Nimorrax and former Lord of the Forbidden. He explained how he siphoned Forbidden forces without their knowledge and built the new city, a monument to Death's Ocean. He seemed as though he did not care of Azaxle's past transgressions, and even rewarded him with the knowledge that Azaxle's former manor had been rebuilt in the new city, which also functioned as the city's Zeppelin Tower. The Forbidden settled into their new city...however, new tumultuous events waited just over the horizon. Erebos was not to be trusted any longer, and the Templars of Virtue, The Forbidden's age-old enemies, waited in the place that the city occupied as well. So ends the chapter of Aza'zoth, a story of treachery and manipulation, though more a story of one troll who needed to find himself among the many persona's that he had adopted over the long long years. Azaxle is now a sage of the Forbidden, fighting to regain their trust and to prove his usefulness.

The Demon's AbsolvementEdit

Constant suffering. Endless torture. Everlasting Pain. It is all Erebos has known since he joined The Forbidden. A horrible way to go out without knowing a true purpose. During the time he and tired Forbidden elites entered Death's Valley for the first time, Nehemus encountered Erebos and explained that he knew Erebos wouldn't be able to contain his demon for much longer. Erebos began getting consumed by runes that would take over his entire body and face, slowly crawling up his neck. Erebos asked for help, but Nehemus could not offer any and watched as Erebos suffered a tragic fate as the demon broke out of his body, much similar to what Kevonus did with Nimorrax, just as brutal. The demon was satisfied to be free at last and after an exchange of words a minor fight broke out with Nehemus and the demon. The demon grew bored fast and attacked Mothrazor and Acerah, slamming Mothrazor into the palace wall and Acerah being able to avoid most attacks, Nehemus dealt one last blow to the demon. Poisonous daggers that would hurt it over time, the demon grew bored and irritated and flew away, yet to cause chaos across all of Azeroth. Nehemus took his leave, letting The Forbidden rest for the trials to come. Yet, poor Erebos had gone out... Unable to contain the demon within...

Yet again The Forbidden sets out on a suicidal mission in order to stop the demon that had bursted out of Erebos' body. Nehemus was in the intelligence hall as the rest of the elites joined him to study their foe for a brief amount of time. A Shadow OP Spy had interrupted saying they had a possible lead in the Badlands. After receiving all of the information the Spy could give them, Nehemus had Azaxle open a portal to the Badlands. Once they arrived, they spoke to another spy about the current situation, investigators were not letting The Forbidden into a crypt that they needed to go into. Nehemus and the elites walked up to the crypt and Nehemus told Drak'Thar, who was about ready to start killing everyone, to stand down. Nehemus resorted to asking politely until they tested his patience, still saying they cannot enter. Nehemus asked for their leader who was then sent outside to speak with him. Nehemus picked up the goblin by his shirt and demanded his way inside or he'd tear him apart, the goblin agreed and they descended into the crypt. Their indeed was an investigation going on as The Forbidden 'helped' to their own needs, Azaxle interrogated a frightened undead, Nehemus plucked a sword from an annhilian corpse and Alvive checked out a coffer which just so happened to try to take him. The elites acted and pulled Alvive out when suddenly imps from everyone began to pop out of random objects within the crypt to ambush The Forbidden.

The elites easily conquered the imps and they were on their way out... until a Fel Orc was blocking the way. Astaroth had taunted The Forbidden and a battle broke out underground, Nehemus managed to lead his elites to safety by getting them outside and then they continued to fight Astaroth, eventually triumphing. Nehemus interrogated Astaroth who then pulled out a knife and Azaxle delivered the final blow, Nehemus told them to do what they like with the body and everyone headed back to Death's Valley.

After quite some time, Mothrazor and Ace went into Darnassus on a mission the Plague Lord, Nehemus, had ordered them to take. Mothrazor and Ace began by destroying a few guardians and then assassinating their way inside of the city. They worked together until they reached Gorgonnash, a mighty big Pit Lord in the middle of Darnassus, Mothrazor and Ace's mission was fairly simple or so it seemed; disarm the bombs throughout Darnassus, they set off hoping Gorgonnash wouldn't interfere, he didn't, strangely enough. After quite some time, Ace headed into a basement and another elite had made her way into the city to catch up. Her name was Ruse. Ace had come across night elves hiding out along with a Draenei that they questioned, the Draenei spoke of a Void he had been hunting for decades, the elites agreed to help by disarming the bombs to allow a passage for the night elves.

They set out and Mothrazor, being stubborn, had begun fiddling with a giant bomb in the middle of the temple. Ace set out to find the rest of them before Mothrazor could do anything, but it was already too late, yet Ace disarmed the bombs regardless. Mothrazor thought he had disarmed the bomb until it exploded, corrupting the city forever. The elites headed back toward the basement and inside of it, they spoke to the Draenei who was rather agitated that they had failed in their mission to protect Darnassus. Mothrazor wanted the Draenei's spellbook, thinking it was someone elses, to get what he wanted he began to kill the night elves still that were still alive. The Draenei ignored Mothrazor and at least blessed Ace who had the truncheon to get rid of Dathrak, they were on their way back to Death's Valley and the fate of the Draenei is unknown.

To Slay the BeastEdit

It was another quiet day in the middle of the Nebulous Valley, at the tavern. The Forbidden had been taking the job of running the tavern and Mothrazor paid a little visit and a Shadow OP refused to inform him of valuable information. Moments later, one of Coheavus' old warlocks came to the tavern thinking it looked rubbish. Mothrazor stepped outside to converse with the Warlock who told him everything about Dathrak and his whereabouts. Mothrazor summoned Ace and Ruse from the tavern and set off on their quest to the Nexus where Dathrak had been leeching power. Upon reaching Northrend, they were joined by Azaxle and headed directly to the Nexus. At the top, they found Dathrak in the middle of the Nexus and Entropius close by, Entropius had been making Dathrak impervious to any form of attack, be it physical or magical. Mothrazor and Azaxle immediately engaged Entropius while Ace and Ruse tried assaulting Dathrak, Ace threw Ruse at Dathrak and she bounced off like a ragdoll, nearly falling off the top of the Nexus.

After dealing with Entropius, Dathrak had become vulnerable to attacks, Azaxle had taunted Dathrak which infuriated him as he began to unleash his devastating void powers, three platforms were engulfed in a voidish flame as void bolts scattered around to the pathways connecting said platforms. After quite some struggle, Dathrak landed on one of three platforms and began assaulting everyone once more, in the midst of all of this, Mothrazor had been leeching power off of Dathrak in an attempt to weaken him. It was working for a while until he could no longer receive power, it was just too overwhelming. Dathrak put up a void barrier which was then shattered, Ace swung the truncheon down upon Dathrak as it caused massive amounts of pain to him, his form could only shrink and become extremely weak. Dathrak attempted to finish it and instead found himself destroyed, the group of Forbidden began to make sure he was dead once and for all and indeed, he was.

Yet, victory was short lived... The demon that had originally inhabitated Erebos' body had come up and begun leeching whatever powers Dathrak had left, Mothrazor and Azaxle began to take what they could to make sure that he would not get all of thep power for himself. Two thirds were taken by the demon while the other portion was given to Mothrazor and Azaxle. Ace flung himself hopelessly at the demon and a small battle broke out, yet the demon was not amused and instead fled after having his fun, Mothrazor opened a portal back to Death's Valley, Ace and Ruse went through but Azaxle stayed behind to burn Dathrak's body, then the two took the portal home. So ends Dathrak's reign, yet that demon is still on the loose...

Within the Nebulous Valley, it was another quiet peaceful day as people headed in and out through the timegate which Kurtis had created with his unheard of powers. The Forbidden were there as they watched people come and go, suddenly, a Templar Yeti was exploring the area dangerously close to Forbidden territory, the Forbidden ignored it and found out the yeti was killed later. Another yeti, this time a large one, namely Gorehowl, had shown his face and began to speak to Ace, disappointed that he is no longer friends. Ace explained that paths change and Gorehowl left, threatening him that next time he'll tear Ace apart. Yetis began coming to attack Ace and Ruse. After dealing with two yetis, came four. The two elites cursed and then a hole broke open nearby as a Nerubian surfaced, the yetis retreated as the Nerubian called for Anub'Rekhar. Anub'Rekhar cackled maniacally as the yetis fleed, but Gorehowl returned and the two broke out in a fierce battle. Nerubians and Yetis began to fight eachother as Anub'Rekhar and Gorehowl struggled, eventually the conflict ended in a draw as the two left.

Later on, Playge was coming through for some business to be interrupted by High Tinker Vincent, the two began to argue until Vincent jetpacked into the sky, Playge shrugged and went about his business. After that, a Templar Gryphon Rider landed near the three, as Alvive was now there. ordering them to evacuate as the Templars were to create a bastion in the Valley, immediately, the two set off to speak to Nehemus. Nehemus ordered everyone to their rightful stations, Ace on the back of a Frostbrood, Alvive to run his recon and Ruse to prepare some soldiers. A Shadow OPs Spy told everything she could to Nehemus until a Templar Rogue showed up to kill her, Nehemus ordered Alvive to trace the rogue as he headed for the middle of the Valley where he met Bruteus.

Looking up into the sky were three airships, Nehemus could only grin as Zerteramus was high above the three airships preparing to blast them into oblivion. Nehemus and Bruteus began to fight on the bridge in the Valley, after a struggle, they destroyed Cronus and Ahemait, Kevonus' weapons during the fight. Afterwards Nehemus faded from view as Zerteramus unleashed it's weapon similar to that of Voltanaras'. The Valley would now forevermore be scarred as the Forbidden and Templar towns were crushed under it's destructive wake.

Final BattleEdit

The time had once again come as the Forbidden prepared to take Erebos' demon out once and for all. Seishou and Alvive stepped through their respective timegate to be greeted by Lucien and two Gan'arg. The two Shadow OPs were about to slaughter the Gan'arg until they were told otherwise. The two Gan'arg, namely K'eeg and Frinkiz, had prepared a portal to end the demon once and for all. The two Gan'arg left and Mothrazor and Nehemus made an appearance in order to help get rid of Erebos. Lucien too, was there to assist in this mission. The five headed through the portal and were greeted by an army of demons, Nehemus and Mothrazor immediately took it upon themselves to take out the army one by one, Seishou and Alvive joined a moment after the initial attack. After fighting their way up a LONG path of demons, they finally met up with Gorgonnash, after a brief exchange of words, a battle was underway.

Seishou, Alvive, Mothrazor, Nehemus and Lucien were alone to fight this Harbinger of Chaos. After a struggle, it seemed Gorgonnash was down for the count and the four headed back to Lucien. Although it wasn't over, Gorgonnash got up once more and instead of fighting, he let the five pass, Mothrazor was completely and utterly confused. The five stepped through the portal to Erebos' realm and were greeted by a Fel Orc named Captain Skyshatter.

They exchanged words and headed up the stairs to see Erebos, Nehemus acted right away and began to relentlessly attack Erebos, Lucien started thinking him a fool and Mothrazor had disappeared. Seishou and Alvive discussed it among themselves and joined their Plague Lord in the onslaught. They exclaimed that Erebos isn't summoning what he was anymore to Lucien and asked how to get rid of his aura. Lucien began to explain and Mothrazor appeared once more to help take out the aura. Nehemus continued to relentlessly drive his weapons into the demon's body, not holding back. After an amount of time, Erebos transformed and Nehemus continued his relentless attacks, Seishou, Alvive and Mothrazor all helped as much as they could as well. Finally, Nehemus was struck and forced to his knee, he slowly got up as Erebos bolted down at him, Nehemus latched onto his horns and continued his onslaught of attacks.

After much struggle, Nehemus was knocked out for a short time as the other four, Alvive, Seishou, Mothrazor and Lucien did what they could to keep the demon at bay. Nehemus woke up and looked into the fires emitting off of the demon as he began to face memories of the past. Dark memories. Erebos drove a lance at Nehemus and it was crushed in Nehemus' hand. Nehemus had gone absolutely insane and had become stronger, he began tearing the demon apart with the help of his elites.

Finally, Mothrazor sent the demon plummeting into the distance and Nehemus passed out, exhausted and worn out, hurt even. The three elites went to the demon's body and made sure it was dead. They returned to the portal and saw Lucien's so called father: Izlinigh. Izlinigh tore them apart easily and seemingly would leave and the three left home for Death's Valley, severely weakened from their previous battle. Whilst at Erebos' Realm, the demons would be kneeling before the great master Izlinigh, as he would take Erebos' place in the summoning and proceed without not a worry.

During the summoning, a Shadowy figure would lean near the steps and applaud Izlinigh, though he was dissapointed he did not take Mothrazor out for good. Izlinigh assured the figure that the time will come for his revenge, and his own. As Izlinigh would finish the summoning, The Dark God of Chaos and Xernes would emerge, and fly forth out of the realm to find his other half, on the planet of Draz'xal. What trangresses within the fiend's mind, What is so important on Mothrazor's well-being to the mighty knight? So ends the Demon's Absolvement, and so begins a new chapter...

Trial of the GodsEdit

With the destruction of the "Demon Within", and the founding of both Erebos and Ketanagosa, The Forbidden would now ponder on what fate will hold for them next. Surely enough, the twisted ways of Fate bring forth a new threat, a very.. Virtuous threat, for the construction of The Templars new war machine, Project: Virtue, had been completed, and they right away had sent it thundering towards Deaths Valley. The Machine caused many upon many hazardous tremors to the valley as it speeded forward, causing Shadow Operatives were greatly baffled by its mass size and defense, trying their best efforts to stop the machines warpath.

Their efforts however, were all but successful. Azaxle, Erebos, and Acerah entered the valley, only to ask the Shadow Operatives what in the world is going on.. They would just begin to argue, and question each other, until Aman'Thuzal would appear and angrily question them on what the hell was going on. Azaxle would suggest many ways on stopping the machines course, suggesting first hand the Nerubians. The Nerubians would be supposively MBA(Missing before Action), and many of the other efforts of the Forbidden groups would futile to even halt it. The two leaders of the Faction would already be trying to fend it off aswell, leaving only those three to do the job. They would have finally came to the decision, and told the Shadow Operative to get them a few Frostbrood Wyrms, and they shall take flight there.

The Operative did as was ordered, and in mere moments, three Wyrms would have landed near them, allowing them to take saddle upon them. During their flight, they would see above the machine Gryphons and Frostbrood all battling overhead, Ketanagosa close to insanity. Once they would land near the earth-trembling Goliath, They would try to figure out a plan on how to make an entrance. Coincidentally, Anub'Rekhar would make his appearance from a Nerubian Burrow, explaining of the Nerubians all-along efforts under the machine, trying to bring it into a pitfall. Their efforts aswell, were planned by the Templars, and would be futile. Anub'Rekhar however did explain a hole he had made into the machine on his last Pit-dig, trying to latch onto it.

The Three would take this hole to their advantage, and enter inside the mechanical beast. Once inside, they would almost immediately be found by the High Tinker of the Templars: Vincent, the very head foreman of the construction of this project, and would yell at them angrily, calling for his security bots to take action. Throughout their efforts to take out the main power grid, they would bash, break, combusted, and destroy countless of machine bots. At the grid, One of the three would send forth a powerful spell at the Grids powering function, and the entire machine would fume up in smoke, with large explosions and flames to be seen all around.

After taking cover throughout the whole facade of destruction, the Three would look around at the Debris of what used to be the Main power grid. At the end of the halls, they would see Vincent, taunting them that this was a mere delay, and they would meet them at the top of Virtue, to execute them properly. Once they made their way through the levels of the machine, they would find an elevation platform, leading to the top of the machine as speculated. Far up the Elevator would climb, and come to a halt to another elevation platform, almost seeming like it would be waiting for them.

The three would take it, and be now atop of the very boiler of Virtue, and would be confronted by Vincent, piloting a gigantic robot; TOV-910 V.2. The battle that took place would be long and hard, and it almost looked that it was going to end with the Templars winning. However, after much of the Robots parts being destroyed, and finally the head remaining, taunting the, now two Forbidden, as a gust of wind caused, by Ketanagosa and the Templars Gryphon leader: Dreadtalon, knocked Acerah far off, would be struck with the great powerful force of Ketanagosa, now completely insane and corrupt, and be destroyed, along with Vincent, who planned after this War succession, to take rule over every living thing in the valley with a Wrought-Iron Fist. With Vincent defeated, and Azaxle and Erebos just surviving against his onslaught by the skin of their teeth, would be unable to stop Virtue from plummeting into the Mountain-side just behind the Forbidden Valley.

As they would assume they were defeated, they would be wrong, for now. As Virtue plummeted into the Mountain, the Sky would turn blood red. Bright Red thunder would be seen within the distance, and a tremor would be felt among the entire Nebulous valley, with the deep-toned words "...Tooo....Sooooon...!!!" booming along with it. Tentacles would root upwards around Virtue, bringing it too a halt. The most feared thing to come back to the Forbidden was revealed, The Old God that was once underneath Icecrown... Now underneath the Valley, The Old God of Darkness: Thrag'Taroz. Azaxle and Erebos would look into the open mountain face, with what would seem to be unbelief and awe, at the Maws infront of them. Fairly soon, the Old god would roar in anger and vengeance at Azaxle, remembering him as the "Hindrance", and would aswell point out some sort of "Traitor" among them. The Old God would warn Azaxle that he and the Traitor would feel his cold, soulless wrath, once his Other half had came to him, and they would rule a planet named "Draz'xal".

Azaxle and Erebos would be confused on the entire thing, until their old foe, from the past, and the Farthest past, Keth'Zulad, would appear. Keth'Zulad.. who once went by the name Izlinigh, and now goes by it again, would calmly state, that Draz'xal is Putruds home world, though it is named something far more different than what his masters state it as. Erebos would be ready to charge at this old, corrupt, foe, while Azaxle would merely question motives and what not. Izlinigh would take no notice to Azaxle, but mainly focus on Erebos, as he says that another of his old "Colleagues" of the past shall quite soon return. As Izlinigh said, it had came true, Erebos' Old and most Powerful foe would appear in a flash of Darkness and evil, The God of Chaos and mayhem: Ralud'Nalorg. Ralud'Nalorg would not take one single care of Erebos, nor Azaxles presence, thinking them as mere fodder, and would call out to Thrag'Taroz, acknowledging that he has returned from the Dark, Cruel netherworld of Xernes, and they shall soon be whole once more. In a blink of an eye, the God of Chaos would flash away to the Old God of Darkness, merging with him.

Around the valley, quakes, tremors, thunderous roars would be heard. The skies would thunder with evil, and storms would flash with red lightning. As horrible and unbelievable as it may seem.. The God of Chaos, and the God of Darkness, would be merged.. after 100,000 years of being apart, they would be together as a whole once more. The Most Powerful Being on the planet, now just only miles away from Deaths Valley. As Azaxle and Erebos would enter a portal to return to Deaths Valley to relay the greatly-terrible news, Izlinigh would reveal only that the Traitor.. is the Second of the Original faction. Mothrazor. Once at Death's Valley, they would have entered at a greatly bad time, as Tentacles of the Old god would be shooting from the surfaces, Aman'Thuzal and Anub'Rekhar doing their best to stop them.

After the Tentacles were dealt with by Azaxle and Erebos, Ketanagosa would swoop down towards them, and would have destroyed them had Mothrazor not shown up, more Angrier than usual, and chain Ketanagosa up in a Grappling-Chain spell, crushing the corrupted wyrm, sending her onto the ground. After short argument and questions from Mothrazor, Azaxle, and Erebos; Izlinigh would make an appearance from seemingly nowhere and utter the words "Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm.. The Traitor WILL die, Forbidden.. The same way I used his body to take Coheavus', so too shall It be Mothrazors same fate..!" with that said, he would begin to strangulate Mothrazor of his life. Despite Azaxle and Erebos' efforts, Mothrazors body would crumble into dust, his sword the only thing remaining.

Izlinigh would disappear from the Valley, cackling at the finished task. Though having their Most powerful Field Commander, and their Second-To-Most-Powerful officer of the Forbidden council, Azaxle and Erebos wouldn't truly mourn that much, though with the task at hand, there would be no time to mourn at this time, as Azaxle and Erebos would make their way to the Necropolis, along with Aman'Thuzal, to report to Nehemus of the Terrible news. As they enter into the Necropolis, Nehemus would be up upon the higher-lever of the second flooring of the structure, working on a certain "Project", and would leap down to them, asking for a report at once. Azaxle would relay the news to Nehemus, and despite the Terrible news, which was all of it, Nehemus would.. TRY.. to keep his cool, but all efforts are futile as he is comepletely enraged, retreating to his work once more. Now, with the Forbidden left without not an idea to do, They can only observe, as the Valley would grow darker, minute by minute. Hope, all lost.

When all of a sudden, a brilliant flash of light shines forward within the Necropolis, and emerging from it a Skeletal magi would. He looks forth to all the Forbidden with cold, unforgiving eyes, and begins to speak forth in a tone of comeplete and utter monotone, devoid of all emotion, it however booming loud. "The fate of this world... falls in your hands... As so deems-" "Still your tongue, intruder. Who the hell are you." Interrupts Nehemus, his weapons out ready for battle. "Hold yourself, Versiles... I am here for aid, and if I was not, then you'd experience far worse, than what you have before you..." With that said from the misterious skeleton, Nehemus growls and sets aside his anger for a moment to listen. "Now... You may not know me, but you should remember my master, Kurtis, and I certainly know you... now, The powers of these combined gods will never be quenched, unless you traverse throughout time, finding the answers to its weakness..." The Forbidden were confused. Adventure throughout time itself? Something isn't right. They themselves know they have survived worse, but for now they decide to go along with him.

Throughout time itself, they traverse and venture, many secrets and many dark are seen before them, and they even see the very beginning of the Forbidden itself. After what felt like weeks, maybe months to the Forbidden, they finally come across something they can use. Two final trips they take. The first, they arrive deep within Northrend, before Mothrazor himself joins the Forbidden; Mothrazor as a human. They see him among the very enemies they are trying to defeat. They see him working with chemistry and biology, as he is seen making five bodies out of pure science. "Alright... for you..." He speaks towards the first body "You will be the husk that our master will hold... In the tongues of chaos, I deem you 'The Destroyer'" With that, he is seen placing the last piece of armor, on Izlinigh's body. He then goes towards the one next to it, speaking "As for you, you will be "The Immovable"... " as he places two artificial eyes into the sockets of... Jeremic, the Templar himself. With pride in his face, he looks over to the last two, his face filled with sorrow. Walking over, standing infront of both the last two bodies, he looks up to both of them for a moment, before grabbing a hood of pure green fire. "Please... Forgive me Raziel... But from now on, you will be "The Spectre"" and with that, he places it upon the head of what looks to be Erebos' once-ally; Revenant. He turns his head to the, looking up the near-human face. "Fifteen years today, since you had been found... Did you think I'd forget..?" Turning away from him for a moment, he grabs a pure-red hood. "Don upon your new name. In life, you were a pathetic weakling, but now..." he places the hood upon the bodies head, its eyes, though closed roaring with bright red through the darkness of the hood. "You, are The Damned... You... ARE EREBOS.." Mothrazor looks to be cackling, as he'd then approach the next body. "Hmph.. you were my least favoured experiment. You are no more god-like than a regular mortal... You'll just keep your old name; Siria... What a waste of my laboratory on"

After the five bodies were finished being worked on by Mothrazor, they merely lay on the tables lifeless for the time being, and then suddenly a booming voice occured "Benedictus..." it calls out, and Mothrazor turns to Six people entering into his laboratory. One of the six step forward, beckoning him forward. "Are the five ready for the soul channelling?" he asks patiently. "Not all, Master Veloriar... However this one is as good as ready." Mothrazor speaks, leading them to the lifeless husk of Izlinigh. "Mmm... Excellent, if we had waited any sooner, Gorgonnash would have had our hides..." Veloriar says, turning to the husk as he brings forth a glass urn, and within it, a blue soul hovers around. He crushes the urn within his hands, as the soul flies directly into the husk of Izlinigh. The six men that entered begin Cackling wildly, as Mothrazor backs away slowly concerned. The last thing heard by the Forbidden are forced into a different vision, is a traitorous plan being made, concerning EVERYTHING the Forbidden will ever do, and Mothrazor would have been preparing daggers behind all of their backs. The Forbidden could not believe it, 40,000 years of deception from their very Commander, and they all fell for it.

Then their next vision comes, they arrive in the ruined city of Death's Valley. Atop of the palace of Nehemus, there begins re-animating the corpse of Mothrazor, from the very dust he crumbled into. He stares off to the valley, regretful. "If only... if only I had more time to have stopped them...Why did I ever help those damned cultists..." he says sorrowfully, looking up the blood-red skies. Suddenly, he vanishes, transporting towards the topmost part of the highest mountain in Nebulous Valley. The Forbidden begin questioning themselves, and would then begin to confront their Skeletal Guide about when they hell they will find the weakness of the Old God, when they suddenly cannot see him anymore. He has dissapeared, leaving them all in the nexus of time. Suddenly, from above, their "ally" Kurtis, the "Child Time Lord" comes down and shakes his head in dissapointment. He explains he has no servants, he has no one that aids him, they have been played for fools. And what they had believed to be several weeks in reality actually was. The damned Skeletal Time Lord had brought them into time to stall them to give their enemy more time. They didn't care how it minipulated time, but they knew, that if they were going to win, they would have to confront the God first hand, and fight until they could fight no more, or die.

And so they did. Kurtis himself transported them to a large ritual platform, and infront of them, sat the living husk of the combined Gods, now one. On the platform itself, was Izlinigh, performing channeled ritual magics, alongside him was Mothrazor, standing tall but not proud. Izlinigh cackles at them, his back turned towards them, taunting and thanking them for giving them "The Time" to thoroughly perfect their plans, and the Forbidden ready themselves for the battle to be had.

Final BattleEdit

With one quick spin of the heel, Izlinigh bolts forward at the Forbidden, long, sharp incorporeal blades forming in his hands as he'd begin slashing, slicing, and carving in the Forbiddens direction. Some fall under the incredible strength and speed this powerful foe brings and are thrown onto their backs already, but all the while, Ace, Alvive, Cleavus, Nehemus, and Erebos standing strong against his unrelenting onslaught of bladework. The most trouble Izlinigh has against seems to be Erebos, the two ALMOST evenly matched. After what seemed like an hour, with the world in trembling, shattering, The Forbidden cannot take much more, whereas Izlinigh stands above them fiendishly and filled with pride. "You Undead wretches... I must admit, you were indeed, a thorn in my side back upon Azeroth... But here..." He'd laugh in a dominant feeling. "You're no more threatening than a child's toy, and now, will be broken underneath my boot.."

Mothrazor only watched, as his allies were weakened and near their end. He could not bear it anymore. Purple flames begun to swirl and grow around Mothrazor, Izlinigh turning his head back, filled with rage with what he already knows is betrayal. "You invaded my spirit and mind, when I had fallen... You, brought havoc to my allies... my friends even. Death, is not good enough for you." The area around Mothrazor would begin to warp and shake, blue tortured spirits swirling around him. And with a powerful booming roar, the flames would spiral in a tendril form, and spire forth at Izlinigh impaling him as he'd fly off into the distance roaring in anger and pain. With the remainder of his power left, he begun to perform the impossible. He began to siphon the powers of the Old God itself, and course it through out him, and into his near-fallen comrades. Mothrazor fell, the energies overpowering him, and seemingly defeated.

The Forbidden arose, empowered by the cosmetic energies of the Old God, gazing up upon the god, ready to defeat him. This, however, was not the case. The battle was long, but the victor was of course the Old God. Even when decreased of power, it managed to defeat them. It said nothing, only bringing up its many appendages, and aiming to crushing all of them underneath his might. When suddenly, a boom is sounded through the skies and earth, as what was thought to be a meteor lands directly into the Old God, the brightest and biggest flash of light shining over miles and miles. The Old God, was no more. And from the cindered carcass, emerged the one and only;


He arose, cracking his neck, along with a grin, looking at his past and current enemies. The Forbidden could not take much more of this. A Chaos Rider, an Old God, and now Putrud, what could come next. Their hopes only slightly restored when they saw Putrud began to wobble and was in a daze. It appeared he was weakened by the sheer magnitude of power he had expelled to destroy his target. Soon after, Izlinigh returned to find the Old God dead and the sight of Putrud. He had a feeling this would happen and soon enough a battle between an unstoppable monster and an agent of chaos broke out. Putrud was too weakened to finish off Izlinigh like an insect as he normally would, therefore the Forbidden had to choose between helping their worst nemesis or Izlinigh.

They chose to help Putrud and eventually destroyed Izlinigh. Putrud by then was out of energy and fell to the ground on a single knee. The Forbidden were preparing to kill off their nemesis once again until a timegate had opened up and Kurtis' servant appeared before them all. Kurtis' servant revealed himself to be Mothrazor's master and knocked Putrud unconscious with one amazing blow to the head. As he was about to finish off Putrud, a barrier surrounded the alien preventing him from harming Putrud further, as if Putrud's body was designed to react this way. Regardless, Mothrazor's master had begun to fight The Forbidden with time itself.

After quite some time of travelling through time and fighting Mothrazor's master, The Forbidden were yet again defeated. Mothrazor was overwhelmed and shocked again and restored his comrades, this time The Forbidden were successful in defeating Mothrazor's master. After their victory, they left for Death's Valley to recuperate for they needed it... Because what comes next, is one of their worst fears.

The Templar InvasionEdit

After the victory against the Old Gods, lackeys and Mothrazor's teacher, the Forbidden went back to Death's Valley to rest, but rest they could not. As soon as they entered their walls, they were being pounded upon by the Templars of Virtue who would wait no longer to strike at the heart of the Forbidden in an attempt to put them to an end. When the gates went down, wave after wave of Templars flooded into Death's Valley. Finally, Bruteus, Jeremic and the rest of the elites entered through the front, picking off any Forbidden strays and confronting Glubulas, a vile Forbidden construct, after much struggle, they put the construct down. Moving on, the Templars were already killing off Forbidden civilians in the market place and park as the elites walked by, they made their way towards the War Quarter and again, the Templars were already busy with the residential district which the elites passed.

Near the War Quarter, the Templars were ambushed by Nimorrax's Shadow Operatives who were quickly slain by the Templar elites, they went through the back entrance and confronted Ketanagosa, the Forbidden's most treasured war hero. She and her brood gave the elites the hardest battle yet and still fell before the wrath of the Templars. Next was Kondra, Ace's pet dog. Kondra's brood, like Ketanagosa's attacked with all of their might anf fury before falling to the Templar onslaught. The Templars moved to the cemetery where Dethok was waiting, he posed no threat and got on his knees waiting for them to end it. And they did. Moving on, the Templars submerged into the depths beneath Death's Valley to confront the nerubians and Anub'rekhar. When they reached him, Anub'rekhar surprised most of them with his furious underground attacks and his abilities to tunnel around were unmatched. Eventually though, he was defeated and murdered.

The Templars soon re-surfaced to find the webs gone and found themselves with a new challenge, Lord Dethiconus, an intensively cold bone construct much similar to that of Marrowgar's design. The Templars were hard-pressed at first but managed to destroy him outright. It was time, the Templars used a platform to enter Zerteramus where Nehemus and Mothrazor were hiding. After fighting through hordes of Forbidden, the Templars reached the upper levels to confront Nehemus and Mothrazor. Nehemus and Bruteus fought alone while Jeremic and the elites fought against Mothrazor. Eventually, all but Jeremic fell before Mothrazor's wrath and Jeremic was giving him so much trouble that Mothrazor had fell before his blade. Nehemus and Bruteus continued to go at it until Bruteus punched through a weakness and disabled Nehemus' ability to fight back, eventually killing him. It was over, Zerteramus had hovered over the Templar city and a vile construct was unleashed unto the city, destroying it outright. Eventually, the construct died. Bruteus murdered Jeremic to complete the circle and fell before the remaining Forbidden who all eventually died out.

It was over.

Vengeance of a Plague LordEdit

Much time has passed since the Forbidden elites had escaped the war at Death's Valley. Azaxle was in the middle of Goldshire trying to prove his innocence to the Alliance that he did not murder somebody. Luckily, or as he put it, unluckily, a portal opened up in Goldshire and Kurtis walked through it. Azaxle suddenly wanted to be arrested, but Kurtis denied him that and eventually convinced him to follow through the timegate that was created.

Kurtis tasked Azaxle with finding Nimorrax in the ruins of Voltanaras at the Storm Peaks. When Azaxle found him, he raised Nimorrax with ease, at first he was confused but then realized after having his tusk grabbed that it was truly Nimorrax. Nimorrax was a skeleton and could not talk. Next, Azaxle was sent to find Mothrazor in the ruins of Zerteramus, he was found and raised like Nimorrax.

Azaxle confused him for Vathirumus at first but realized it was Mothrazor, yet continued to call him Vathirumus. The Forbidden were then sent to retrieve the rest of the crew, Alvive, Cleavus, Ace and Erebos. When everyone was rallied, they began their new adventures back in the Nebulous Valley, though magic had been apparently nullified in the Valley. This mystery rendered Mothrazor and Azaxle useless in the most fights.

After being gathered, The Forbidden were tasked with finding the artifacts Azaxle had hidden under his mansion in a safe which was recently broken into. They would be useful in future efforts, as Azaxle tells them. So they set out to find the artifacts, one by one. The formerly traitorous troll tells them that there are three – an hourglass, a medallion, and a small glass coin. Each was tainted and could be dangerous. Without realizing what they were doing, they followed the only strange thing they could find after hours of searching: strange, glowing runes on the ground.

It led them to a meeting of three clandestine individuals. One was a blackened elf wearing strange garb, one a hulking monster, and the third a familiar face: Vincent, former High Tinker of the Templars of Virtue. Their presence is outed, and the elites are left facing the monstrous Terrorhoof – a winged abomination that used to be a tauren. During the fight they discovered he possessed one of the artifacts: an hourglass that enabled time travel. The fight was disastrous for the Forbidden at first – the twisted aberration would travel to a time of great catastrophe, bringing back a whirlwind of fire and debris to buffet the elites – but with Vathirumus taunting the beast into a rage, the Shadow Ops Alvive, Acerah, and Seishou are able to chase the surprisingly quick beast down and defeat him with a single, well-orchestrated combination attack. Not allowing Azaxle a chance to touch his artifact, Nimorrax rips the hourglass from the monster’s huge mouth.

Weak from defeat, the Forbidden seek shelter and find a former Templar druid, Landrailil Silverleaf. The graceful elven woman finds kinship with Rose Lovelocke, who shares a passion for nature. She beseeches him to end her mad father, Nelethas Blackleaf, and his maniacal plans. They attempted to cultivate Ancients from the foreign planet, and Nelethas was planning on corrupting them to his own ends. Those most uninjured, Rose, Azaxle, Mothrazor, and Vathirumus, confronted the twisted elf and foiled his plan, though Blackleaf escaped. The Ancients swore to protect their saviors while they rested, earning the Forbidden a small haven on the planet.

Landrailil and Rose would leave to seek out Blackleaf, then call on the Forbidden when they discover the fallen druid. While Mothrazor nursed Nimorrax’s fragile skeletal form back to its full strength, Azaxle led the Shadow Ops trio, Erebos, and Vathirumus to a strange tower he had found when they were last on Nebulan. He sought a book of his, titled Verm de Mysteriis, that may help him translate the runes they had found prior to their fight with Terrorhoof. The tower was foreboding, to say the least. Skeletons filled it, lifeless and prone. Atop the structure, Azaxle found his book in the arms of one such skeleton. It was covered in dust, and some doubts were raised to his claims of ownership over this ancient tome. He shrugged them off, already reading.

Elsewhere, Landrailil and Rose find Nelethas Blackleaf, who explains to his daughter why he is doing these terrible things – he had seen the future. It was one of complete destruction, and he was convinced he was saving Nebulan. Lovelocke engaged him in battle while trying to convince him to abandon his efforts – all he was doing was twisting nature and the delicate balance of the Valley. In an effort to quell Rose’s doubts, Blackleaf unleashes a primordial beast that was trapped in a pit: a massive prehistoric beast resembling a devilsaur that Nimorrax would go on to jokingly call Stomponadon. The druid and botanist beat a hasty retreat to the Ancients and their grove to find only Mothrazor and Nimorrax, for the others were still atop the tower… 

Releasing the BeastEdit

Azaxle was certain he had found what was dampening the magic in the Valley: a sort of redirection concerning the ley-lines. For what purpose, he did not know, but he knew he needed his magic. Reciting an incantation in the tome, the troll began to float into the air. The other elites began to panic as the tower shook and started to fall apart around them. Great lights filled the Valley as Azaxle finished, and then the area directly beyond the tower began to collapse, revealing a lake of disgustingly green, viscous water – and from this pit came a massive creature, truly the largest the Forbidden had ever encountered. A great worm covered in armored plates: wrapping itself around the tower, a shriek entered the minds of all things in the Valley: I am Skul’ormr, the Corrupter. Descending from the tower, Azaxle and company report back with the news…and the troll is promptly turned on by the rest of the Forbidden, and all trust he had been trying to gain was now lost. He was tolerated now because they needed him. 

With the two new superpowers of the Valley on the loose, the Forbidden’s task is made that much more difficult. An unknown element was also released by the tremors and the ley-lines’ reactivation: Putrud. Awoken and seeking power, the Forbidden only see him as a comet in the sky, unable to correctly guess what he was as he left Nebulan. Shortly after they sought out Nelethas once more, and finally defeated the corrupted night elf. As he lay dying, Azaxle explains that the glass coin through which he saw the future often distorted the facts. With a dry cackle, the troll left the elf to his death, earning the hatred of both Lovelocke and Landrailil, who thought the druid redeemable. 

Vincent’s pawns were taken from him, though it wasn’t an issue. His own plans had to be enacted, and now he had somewhere the Forbidden would not bother him. Abandoning the third artifact, the medallion, he disappeared. It would not be the last time the Forbidden saw him. ( See Men of Steel section. ) With all three artifacts, Azaxle sat down and began to tinker with them, explaining that if he were to do what Kurtis sent him here to do, he’d need time. So the Forbidden left him and went to deal with the terror he had unleashed in the form of Skul’ormr.

To do so they needed the other commanding force in the Valley: Stomponadon. Luring the dino near Skul’ormr’s pit, the worm burst from the crust of the planet and a massive fight commenced. Ultimately, however, Skul’ormr won. The devilsaur was no more, and all the Valley’s wildlife now lived in fear of the corrupting influence of the massive worm, though the battle left him injured and sulking in his pit, healing the bites and slashes in his carapace.

Regardless of their failuer, the Forbidden returned to Azaxle as he finished his work with the three artifacts. The medallion had been altered to accommodate the coin in its design, and the combined two were placed atop the hourglass. Once the shaft was added, Azaxle brandished a mightily powerful staff. It was then that he revealed why they were in the Valley again: Kurtis was making Azaxle clean up his own mess left over from his tryst as Aza’zoth: and Nebulan was a neutral planet, where there were no bystanders to be concerned about. With this staff he could summon Anar’ka and his master, and together they could finish the Void’s forces.

Final BattleEdit

Few in number and weak in strength, The Forbidden were hard-pressed with their newest and most current situation within the Valley. Having no backup from their once glorious army they had to rely simply on their own strengths, cunning and will…

So they made ready. The Ancients would aid them alongside Landrailil, though Azaxle warned the Forbidden that the staff would act as a beacon to anything powerful enough to tame it. He suspected this meant Skul’ormr would appear while he channeled the spell. After much debate, Seishou explained that he would keep the beast busy long enough for them to earn their victory. 

So it began. Skul’ormr, despite bleeding from his many wounds, did appear as Azaxle predicted. Seishou had laid a line of jury-rigged mines to get its attention, and he’d then lead it on a chase through the Valley, the Shadow Op leader’s speed just barely keeping him ahead of the massive beast. Back at the grove, Azaxle’s summoning brought forth Anar’ka, as planned…but the lesser Void came with his master: Anaxarchus. They recognized this being as the one that stole Dathrak’s prize from him and withstood the bestial Void’s entropic power. As he stood in place, reality began to tear on the planet. It soon became obvious that their plan was very, very flawed. 

Putrud arrived just in time to save their hide from Anaxarchus, as their greatest enemy was called back to Nebulan by the power of the staff and the power of Anaxarchus himself, but still left them with Anar'ka. Fighting the newly appointed “Herald of the Void”, the Forbidden were hard-pressed to gain victory over him while the planet was slowly being torn apart around them. Rifts in time and space were being opened around them, affording them glimpses through time to see other scenarios. None could pay enough attention, but soon Azaxle saw one that seemed normal. A way out, even, as the planet crumbled around them and the two titanic beings did battle. Seishou led Skul’ormr to Putrud and Anaxarchus, but in that moment he was trapped in the maw of the great worm, calling out for the Forbidden to flee. 

Seizing the moment, the Forbidden escaped to Deadwind Pass through the portal. Seishou was left behind, having sacrificed himself to save them. It was here that they’d make their new home, free of whatever fate awaited them back on Nebulan.

The Forged HorsemenEdit

After escaping their near-inevitable fate upon the planet Nebulan, the few Forbidden left explored Deadwind Pass, coming across Karazhan. They cared little for the massive tower and instead discovered a crypt behind it, deciding to call it home. Upon arriving at their new crypt, the Forbidden were greeted by their former Plague Lord, Nehemus. Nehemus was a Horseman of the Apocalypse now and had absolutely no allegiance to his former allies. They fought valiantly against the Horseman but ultimately failed as Erebos himself was converted into one of these Horsemen before their very eyes. Now turned against them, Erebos fought the Forbidden until the whole of Azeroth shook. Nehemus and Erebos both felt the quake, leaving the Forbidden to their pitiful crypt, them leaving was a possible sign of a disaster to come.

After establishing themselves in their crypt behind Karazhan, The Forbidden sent themselves out against the Forsaken with the intent of gaining more allies. They knew the Forsaken would not simply do this however and prepared to fight them, their main battlegroup engaged at the front of Lordaeron while the elites entered through the sewer system. Not far behind was the two currently known Horsemen, intent on disrupting the Forbidden's plans. They were chased all throughout the Undercity until they came across Jandra Grimwing, the new Banshee Queen of the Forsaken.

Jandra hesitantly agreed to ally with the Forbidden, only because the two horsemen tore Undercity apart. Acting quickly, the Forbidden ripped open a portal within Undercity, taking Jandra and the remaining Forsaken forces with them. Safe in Deadwind Pass once again, the Forsaken set up shop just outside of Karazhan and at the entrance to the crypt, whereas the Forbidden lurked deeper inside.

After their failed attempt to save Undercity, the Forbidden set off to the Sunken Temple after hearing reports of strange activity there. Once they arrived, they came across a man who called himself 'Weiss'. 'Weiss' claimed to have had a seething hatred for the Forbidden, that they would pay for their crimes against him and his people. Yet as fate would have it, Nehemus arrived and converted him into a Horseman. 'Weiss' was now filled to the brim with energies and almost annihilated the Forbidden, before he left them all behind at Nehemus' order. The Forbidden retreated to their crypt shortly after.

Time was short, The Forbidden didn't have much time and knew the location of the next soon-to-be Horseman. The Forbidden rushed off to Icecrown to find Keth'Zulad, current Lich King, among his Scourge. They battled Keth'Zulad in hopes of slaying him before his inevitable fate, while they severely weakened him, they were too late, Nehemus arrived with both of the other Horsemen. Keth'Zulad was converted into a Horseman and offered The Forbidden a great challenge despite how weakened he was previously. However the Horsemen soon left as their goal was not yet The Forbidden.

The Forbidden made their way to the depths of Deepholm where the Horseman of Corruption was working dark and tainted magic, presumably to annihilate the entire planet. He threatened the very balance of the world into chaos. The Forbidden fought Nehemus, and though he was alone, Nehemus put up the fight of their lives against them. Yet the Forbidden would not give up. During the fight, Acerah grabbed Nehemus' mask and ripped it off, discovering that it weakened Nehemus severely, yet Acerah was impaled and thrown aside. Nehemus grabbed his mask and put it back on, leaving Deepholm and the Forbidden behind. Acerah was rushed back to the crypt to be healed.

A showdown was to be had, The Forbidden rushed off to Mount Hyjal, near the Firelands. The Forbidden had come across an already raging battle between the World Destroyer himself and the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. The Forbidden attempted to intervene in the battle by weakening both parties as much as they can. Putrud was near-effortlessly handling each and every single individual pitted up against him until Keth'Zulad delivered the final blow with Kevonus' mighty blade. Putrud was no more. His regenerative abilities gone, unable to bring himself back from death. The Forbidden were struck with awe and fled the scene returning to their crypt.

Final BattleEdit

The Forbidden set out to an uncharted necropolis hovering over the sea. Upon entering the necropolis they were greeted by many horrific forces. Though the fights were relatively easy, they became exceedingly difficult upon full entry. Once the enemy forces were defeated, all Four Horsemen of Apocalypse made their appearance and soon enough the final battle was about to begin.

The Four Horseman of Apocalypse were too formidable for the Forbidden, until Acerah explained that the masks are their way to victory, removing them would cause a Horseman to feel pain and be slowed down by attacks. Each elite member tried their hardest to remove their masks, while simultaneously trying to stay alive. The first being Erebos, who lost his mask and became unconscious. The second was 'Weiss', his mask was removed and he fell unconscious. The third was Nehemus, who simply fell dead instead of going unconscious and finally, Keth'Zulad, who fell to his knee.

Triumphant, the Forbidden claimed Kevonus' blade and released Keth'Zulad, for they know they will need a Lich King to contain the ruthlessness of the Scourge. 'Weiss' was executed and Erebos was brought back to the Crypt to recover.

The Endless VoidEdit

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Men of SteelEdit

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Unofficial Story(ies)Edit

The Scourge of KevonusEdit

It was a regular day in the new city of The Forbidden. Acez was recruiting and had just finished up to come sit by the bonfire with the rest of the members, Nimorrax was there too, he's rarely seen nowadays. All of a sudden out of the blue, Zultak and his Zul'Amak Tribe showed up right at the bonfire, Nimorrax instantly met him with insults and asked why he dared come back. Zultak was not amused and simply wanted to discuss matters with Nimorrax, but he thought Zultak was planning an attack so Nimorrax immediately shadowstepped behind Zultak, but in the blink of an eye, Zultak grabbed Nimorrax by his arm and lifted him up. They stared face-to-face, both parties ready to attack eachother. Zultak called his bodyguards off and told Nimorrax to do the same, hesitant, he did it and was tossed back to his group of Forbidden. Zultak had told Nimorrax there's two other factions out there fighting for land, so Zultak asked if they would be interested in training their new blood as to how it's going down. Nimorrax spoke to his council and they agreed. Zultak then walked off with a goodbye to Azaxle and The Forbidden began their plans.

Meanwhile... Elsewhere around Northrend, Kevonus wanders through the endless snow of Icecrown to meet up with an ANCIENT Death Knight. Kevonus had seen excellent potential within this Death Knight and offered a place of sanctuary to rule Azeroth, he even mentioned he would let the Death Knight have whatever they desired. He stood there patiently as the Death Knight made up their decision... The decision? Well... That decision was no. The Death Knight had rejected Kevonus. Kevonus was shocked that he wouldn't be joined as he is the most powerful Death Knight on Azeroth right now. Something about this Death Knight he met is different, what could it be? The Death Knight had walked off and eventually faded and blended with the blizzard. Kevonus than decided to pay a visit to the Templars Of Virtue and warn them of something but was meant with insults and attacks. Instead of telling the Templars of the Death Knight, he told them that Nimorrax was on his way to pay them a visit and he had left. Nimorrax appeared and had his fair deal with the Templars and told them not even to underestimate Kevonus, for his power is too great to handle alone. Nimorrax had his lackeys, Rashgarroth and Tloren free a captive Geist and headed off... Who could this new foe be? When will they show themself? Are they even more powerful than Kevonus...? Time will tell. Time is not on any of the faction's sides either. Speed is critical... Who shall prevail in the Territory Wars, and who shall slay Kevonus and claim his crown...? Only time would tell.

The Trial had begun, The Zul'Amak, Forbidden and newly found faction: Templars Of Virtue all met up at Corin's Crossing in the Eastern Plaguelands. Nimorrax, Zultak and Zenn all discussed how this was going to work out, the three factions all took their separate road and re-walked to Corin's Crossing and began battle. It raged on for a few minutes and was called to a halt to explain a few more details. The Zul'Amak wasn't going well and Zultak was forced to leave because his faction was being disobedient. The Templars and Forbidden had finished up a while later and were just about ready to go home until it happened... Kevonus had shown up and destroyed a few Geists and Templar Troopers. Kevonus was not in a good mood, and instead of challenging, he was challenged by Zenn. The two battled on, Kevonus was not trying though. Nimorrax met Kevonus with insults and him and his faction were strangulated for a brief few moments. Nimorrax was knocked back and Zenn continued to unleash his wrath upon Kevonus. Finally, Kevonus pushed Zenn back and began stealing his life force until he was interrupted by Azaxle. Zenn charged up a mighty attack and hit Kevonus inflicting average pain. Nimorrax appeared behind Kevonus but was caught just like Zultak had done and was thrown at Zenn who had been pushed back after his attack. After a battle with everyone still standing, Kevonus unleashed a massive explosion of dark energy knocking everyone except Nimorrax and Zenn off their feet, weakening them severely. Kevonus felt satisfied and had left, Nimorrax was not pleased and neither was Zenn. The two factions then separated and headed home to call it a day and heal... What will Kevonus do next?

That is indeed a good question. What would he do next? Or rather, what did he do next? Outside the collapsed Caverns of Time, Putrud's rotten body was visited by Kevonus who then brought Putrud into undeath. After a conversation as to why Putrud was killed, Kevonus gave Putrud power, enough to destroy The Forbidden.. Again. Kevonus took off and Putrud headed to Death's Ocean where he met Coheavus, Azaxle, Acez and Raxael. Putrud was seen as a new recruit as he looked like just another undead... Until Azaxle pointed out it was indeed Putrud, who then proceeded to strangulate and drain Coheavus' great power... However, he was interrupted by Acez and instead, Acez suffered the fate Coheavus was meant to suffer, only power wasn't drained, his conscience was. Putrud called him an idiot and resumed draining Coheavus, Azaxle tried everything he could in his power to stop Putrud, but his power was too great. Putrud succeeded in draining Coheavus' power to the brim and dropped Coheavus to the floor, Azaxle continued to fight Putrud and then Putrud focused his attention on Azaxle and tried draining his powers as well, but since Azaxle is a Void being, nothing happened and Putrud left to fix a few problems of his after his arm was chopped off by Acez.

Later on, Nimorrax arrived disguised as a Geist and sat near the bonfire in Death's Ocean, speak of the devil indeed. Raxael had told the Plague Lord about Putrud's return and Nimorrax was not pleased. They began discussing on how they could bring down both Kevonus and Putrud, just then, Nimorrax's sister's name was brought up and the group had an idea that the Plague Lord didn't seem to like. Azaxle suggested that Solarissa lead the Forbidden for a short while until Kevonus and Putrud are destroyed and then help her out with her own needs. Nimorrax was thinking hard about it and didn't want to lose his precious most-valued necropolis, Voltanaras. Coheavus knew the Plague Lord was hesitant and said he worries too much, Azaxle got the idea to transport Voltanaras to a safe haven that Nimorrax's sister could not find, but can reach. Nimorrax was inclined to agree, hesitantly. He then headed off to go bang his head against a wall after charging Azaxle with the duty of befriending Solarissa. Coheavus went and sat in his corner after dismissing the group. Will the group be able to acquire Solarissa's aid, or be destroyed from the inside out just as Putrud had done?

It was yet another day, another time, another place. Zenn had met up with the fourth faction leader who leads: The League of Royalty, Caerdor. Zenn and Caerdor had received a message from an unknown person to meet up somewhere in Desolace. The two discussed various things then Ketanagosa and Nimorrax showed up, however he didn't send the message and instead received one from this unknown person. The three pondered the situation until a dark force arrived. It was none other than Kevonus who had set up the meeting. Kevonus made his entrance and then began slaughtering the three. Kevonus had killed Nimorrax the same way he did Putrud, knocked Zenn out and nearly did the same move on Caerdor he did to Putrud but missed the kill zone. Kevonus had left the group to die, until Caerdor had gotten up and revived the fallen Plague Lord. Zultak showed up later with the same message but was late and asked what it was about, the group explained it was a setup to kill them all off. The group waited for Zenn to regain his conscience and then the group headed off their separate ways with the note; do not answer to unknown messages. Nimorrax headed for the Ghostlands, Zultak for Hinterlands, Zenn for Stonetalon and Caerdor for Winterspring. The places are set, all that's left is to finish trials and the real war begins... But what of Putrud, Kevonus and Solarissa? What will happen with them...?

At the Templars Of Virtue recruitment "office", Jeremic stood at his post as usual, guarding the hut, usual business, sure. At least, that is until the Plague Lord came along. Nimorrax came over on Ketanagosa's back, knocked Jeremic out and had taken him to the Forbidden jail along with more Templar prisoners. Jeremic had awoken and looked around, most of his armor was stripped as was his weapon and he was only left with Platelegs, boots and a shirt. The first interrogator came in, Selene Morele and had begun trying to beat information out of Jeremic via her apothecary ways. She had shot a dart in his arm and tons of pain started flowing through his body, yet he ignored it. She killed off Templars and eventually shot two more darts to increase the pain, one that felt like the breaking of bones and another like being eaten from the inside. The last dart would have killed him but in a blinding motion, Jermic spun around, caught the dart and threw it back and it went just over Selene's shoulder. He had finished building up rage and slammed his fist into the ground causing a large crack to go toward Selene, and since he had no orders, he was forced to spare her. Selene had exited the jail.

The second interrogator came in, Rashgarroth. A little more subtle approach was taken, insults. He began throwing them around to see if he could get Jeremic to speak at all, yet he didn't speak one bit. Rashgarroth then proceeded to carve a bone into his ribs, yet again, Jeremic began to build up rage. Other times, Rashgarroth attempted at poking out his eyes or stabbing his stomach and Jeremic had blocked those attacks, Rashgarroth left a nice scratch on his eye leaving a permanent scar. Rashgarroth took his leave after receiving nothing (He sent an alt in, ignoring that part.). The third and fourth interrogators came in, Acez and Ruznumba. Acez started his method of torture by trying to force Jeremic's head in a bucket of water, Jeremic resisted, Ruznumba tried to help and still Jeremic resisted, both of them had trouble forcing his head in. Instead, they grabbed a rat in a cage and enraged it to start mauling at Jeremic. Jeremic choked Acez and tossed him in the bucket, Acez lunged out and tried attacking Jeremic and was grabbed by both arms, no pain being inflicted upon Acez, it was just to get him to stop. Jeremic had let Acez down and then they put a bag over Jeremic's head with another rat in it, again, pissed the rat off to attack him. Acez was choked again and tossed at Ruznumba. Zenn showed up somehow through a hole in the wall and told Jeremic to return to base. Jeremic fought his way out of the city and reached home base.

Jeremic arrived and met up with Zenn Mythrillbeard and was immediately sent to Faldorf for medical attention and weapons and armor. A few recruits came by and then Anub'Rekhar showed up with orders from the Plague Lord. He was to kill Jeremic, Zenn ordered Jeremic to deal with the intruders and Anub'Rekhar left and sent out more Nerubians, Jeremic slaughtered the Nerubians outright. Zenn had given Jeremic a package and told him not to open it until after Zenn Mythrillbeard died... Later in Blasted Lands, Zenn, Bruteus, a group of Templars and Forbidden spies were all near the Dark Portal answering a call, the Templars had no idea the Forbidden were there and instead, Kevonus showed up, Bruteus charged Kevonus at full speed and was tossed over Kevonus like he was a feather. Bruteus was ordered to retreat and had left with the Templars, immediately a battle between Kevonus and Zenn Mythrillbeard was underway, Zenn wasn't much of a challenge to Kevonus as his old age began to show due to his skill in battle. Kevonus appeared behind Zenn and thrusted his sword down upon him, killing him. Nimorrax arrived in rage and ordered Kevonus to leave at once. Zenn Ironbeard had shown up to mourn the death of his father, and told the Forbidden to leave. Jeremic opened his package and his contract was destroyed, thus Zenn Ironbeard and Mythrillbeard have unleashed an even greater threat to the world... But what? It can't possibly be Jeremic. Diplomatic matters happened later inside of Voltanaras, to end Territory Wars before it starts... Who will say yes to end it? Who will attack on sight? Will anyone agree...?


Yet another day, another time, in the Forbidden city of Death's Ocean, Nimorrax, Acez and Erebos were paying their respects to a fallen Necromancer, Mothrazor. At least until Kevonus arrived to ruin the party, Nimorrax told Kevonus to leave multiple times and instead was forced to fight him, Nimorrax was knocked back and then a mighty battle broke out with Acez, Erebos and Kevonus. Nimorrax continued to try and interrupt the battle multiple times and was knocked back again and again. Eventually, Acez and Erebos were both being choked out by Kevonus and he had bonked both their heads together, all of this just to reach Mothrazor's grave. Kevonus began channeling necromantic energies into the grave to raise Mothrazor, however... Mothrazor wasn't going to give in so easily and began to resist Kevonus' influence. Acez and Erebos began striking at Kevonus dealing moderate damage but Erebos was drained too much and forced onto a knee... Finally, Kevonus had broken Mothrazor into his influence and he was raised. Arcadius had shown up and fought Mothrazor, or better now known as Keth'Zulad. Kevonus told Keth'Zulad to deal with Arcadius and meet him at Icecrown before this battle took place and left. The battle was quite fierce, Arcadius proved to be more resilient than even Nimorrax thought. But Keth'Zulad wasn't going to give in so easily. Arcadius had fled, disappeared...

Keth'Zulad had then took his leave, Nimorrax took Erebos to rest and at Icecrown Citadel... The Frozen Throne, Kevonus was waiting for Keth'Zulad, who then asked why Kevonus had raised him... Kevonus wanted to know the secret to his constant resurrections, Keth'Zulad elaborated and intrigued Kevonus. Keth'Zulad seems to be an invincible walking apocalypse just waiting to happen. Keth'Zulad offered to destroy Putrud for Kevonus and asked if he knew where Putrud resided, but that wasn't required when Putrud arrived... Keth'Zulad and Putrud had met and a very very destructive battle was underway. Both of them were equals, every time Putrud played a move, Keth'Zulad countered it and vice versa... However, Putrud's ability to regenerate was surprising to Keth'Zulad. The battle lasted a long time and Putrud decided that it was pointless and it was getting neither of them anywhere... Putrud had walked back and said his goodbye to Keth'Zulad before he could do anything and then jumped off of the Frozen Throne. Keth'Zulad then told Kevonus he needed to go somewhere for a specific reason and Kevonus told him he was free to do as he needed, but must remember Kevonus is in control. Keth'Zulad opened a portal to another world and had left for the Outland... What is Keth'Zulad up to...? Does he also plan to betray Kevonus or will he serve unquestioningly..?

Later on, on the coast of Stranglethorn Vale at Grom'gol... Rogmar, the Warchief of the Hellraiser Clan was recruiting new blood, and was successful one time, however his recruit needed to finish some unfinished business and left with the Warchief's permission. Shortly after, a Kor'kron Elite had came in to warn the Warchief of a disturbing presence that they could not locate, but a second after, Putrud showed his face and taunted the Warchief into a battle outside the recruitment hall. Rogmar toyed around a bit, yet Putrud made it seem like he was just waiting for a move even after a few moves were made... Putrud introduced himself but Rogmar proved to have a bad temper and insult Putrud, shortly after -that-, Keth'Zulad made an appearance to toss around the Warchief as well. Grezzul, a High Warlord for the Hellraiser Clan had intervened on the Warchief's order and the Warchief took on Putrud while Grezzul took on Keth'Zulad... Futile their attempts were though. After a little struggle, Grezzul was already worn out and after a moderate struggle, Rogmar had been worn away as well. Keth'Zulad took his leave, Rogmar got up and took one last punch and failed, Putrud tossed him back and left. Azaxle was there the whole time and offered the Warchief help, giving him a vial of "Black Blood". Nimorrax also made an appearance to get to know his "enemy" and help out a bit too by explaining Kevonus' and Putrud's power. Rogmar got enraged and ordered both Azaxle and Nimorrax to leave, so they did. Rogmar told Grezzul to hire a few merchants and then he had left to his private chambers to think long and hard about the future... What'll happen next...? Will the Hellraiser Clan be able to get enough members to overcome the future challenges or be destroyed outright?

Yet another day in Stranglethorn Vale, this time however Bruteus, right hand ma- er, Tauren of the Templars Of Virtue came to Grom'gol, he was stopped by the guards until Rogmar came and asked what he wanted. Bruteus explained it was negotiation matters, hopped off his Kodo and they began to discuss in Rogmar's "private"(No homo intended.) tower while Nimorrax listened in from the roof. Bruteus explained these Territory Wars were pointless and a waste of blood, he explained they should focus on the Northrend trials, Rogmar was hesitant and was ready to deny him until Kevonus showed up and destroyed every guard Rogmar had, all of his people met their fate at the hands of one Human. Rogmar was enraged and went to meet Kevonus, who was immediately told to leave before things got ugly, Kevonus declined and Bruteus tried ramming him, however Kevonus pushed back against Bruteus and held his ground. Rogmar and Kevonus took the battle into the middle of Grom'gol, Bruteus kept trying to interfere so Kevonus summoned Keth'Zulad to deal with him and Nimorrax. Keth'Zulad quickly weakened both of them while Kevonus constantly allowed hits to be taken from Rogmar, with each hit landing, Rogmar got more and more enraged, more guards had shown up only to be destroyed which finally enraged him enough to go fullforced. Kevonus had an idea and took his hood off allowing Rogmar a chance to punch him in the face, fullforced. Rogmar walked back then turned around to stare Kevonus down... Just then, Rogmar had charged him, fist flying through the air with all his might, all his anger, all his strength, he brought his fist toward Kevonus' face and it landed! However... Kevonus didn't budge and to him it didn't even hurt, Rogmar was shocked, in awe and then Kevonus brought his fist at Rogmar's chest, fullforced knocking him far back. Keth'Zulad was told he could have extra fun so long he doesn't kill them, Kevonus had then left. Rogmar took this chance to decapitate Nimorrax and did, Kevonus felt this disturbance and sent Keth'Zulad to revive Nimorrax and so it happened, then he left as well. Bruteus asked if he would stop these senseless wars now and Rogmar agreed... Then Nimorrax and Bruteus left.

Just as Nimorrax was heading home, Mothrazor's spirit appeared before him, the Mothrazor he knew and respected and told him of an ancient artifact within Ahn'Qiraj to keep in contact with Mothrazor for it may help against Keth'Zulad. Nimorrax agreed to send lackeys to retrieve it. Arriving at Death's Ocean, Nimorrax had sent Acez, Rediford, Tzanech, Azaxle, Faerlina(amgNaxx) and BestBe to retrieve it. Azaxle opened a portal to Silithus and the group arrived, but not at Ahn'Qiraj right away. They had begun heading South to Ahn'Qiraj and fought many Silithids along the way, as they nearly reached it, they had to fight Kurinnaxx, the battle was somewhat tough but they overcame him and continued on and headed up to the gong. Mothrazor's spirit told them to head South just beyond the wall to retrieve the artifact, the group headed inward, fighting swarms of Silithids and finally confronted Fankriss the Unyielding. The battle was tough and long but they managed to overcome him, the group headed up to the hill and claimed the artifact... This did not go unanswered however as Silithids began to pop out of nowhere and swarm the group as they made their escape! It seemed almost hopeless to escape the massive swarm of Silithids but they managed to get away, as they finally escaped the swarm, Azaxle opened up another portal to Death's Ocean and had made their way to Nimorrax's palace to present the artifact. Nimorrax was pleased and everyone received their share of the bargain, which was a smacking shiny medal. A medal... for an artifact guarded by Silithids? Doesn't seem like much but it was all he had for now, he had also given the group a long time to rest up and regenerate to their full strength. Will this artifact be able to help Nimorrax and the factions against Keth'Zulad...? Or was it just a failed trap by Mothrazor gone wrong to kill off his lackeys...?

Northrend TrialEdit

The Northrend Trial had begun, The Forbidden had landed where the Forsaken previously landed 50,000 years back, Vengeance Landing. The Hellraiser Clan landed where the Horde previously landed 50,000 years back, Warsong Hold. Zenn took Valiance Keep, which the Alliance held 50,000 years back as well. The groups prepared for the coming fights, The Forbidden began early, Nimorrax's scouts uncovered the location of the first lackey, Engbar the Second Plunderer. Nimorrax immediately flew there, seeing Kevonus and Engbar below discussing something, Nimorrax called over his soldiers and invaded, Kevonus introduced Engbar the Second Plunderer and disappeared, Engbar taunted the The Forbidden and the battle was underway. The group fought hard, many Forbidden Death Knights showed up to aid the battle, Val'kyr arrived as did Kondra, Acez dog. After a long long fight, Engbar was finally slain, The Forbidden were worn out from such a fight and Nimorrax claimed the artifact Engbar had been holding onto, Seishou offered to keep it safe and Nimorrax told him to tell Azaxle to take it to Voltanaras, in his realm. Seishou agreed and was off with the artifact, the group headed back to Vengeance Landing to rest for the upcoming fights against Kevonus' lackeys in Northrend...

Over at Warsong Hold, Rogmar called over his troops to begin his Trial in Northrend, he began briefing them of what's to happen, what to do and what to expect. The scouts reported a sighting of a large platform hovering high above the Nexus, that is where Omrinaer the Restless was. Rogmar finished briefing his troops and took to the skies on Wind Riders, they landed on the platform to be greeted by Kevonus who told them this would not be as easy as The Forbidden had it. Kevonus told Omrinaer to deal with the uninvited guests and disappeared, they engaged Omrinaer and a fierce battle took place on the platform hovering high above the Nexus. Hellraiser Soldiers stormed in from many different directions, Mountain Giants as well joined the fight as did a few Generals. Omrinaer cackled at the "futile" attack, he tried to persuade the Hellraisers to give up and just go home and save themselves the dishonor of being slain by a single Human Death Knight, Kevonus. Rogmar roared and told Omrinaer that the Hellraisers would never give up, that Kevonus would be slain by his hand, his axe. Omrinaer continued on and told them that Kevonus would just rip their skulls out at a later date, even if Omrinaer was slain. Finally, after a long, heated battle, Omrinaer was slain on his platform, his sword dropped out of the sky and landed on the platform. Rogmar had claimed the artifact and returned to his base with his soldiers. Kevonus greeted Rogmar, a short battle broke out, Rogmar dealt very minor pain to Kevonus, but Kevonus had to cut it short as he had business to attend to and disappeared...

Zenn Ironbeard began to make his move after recruiting some more soldiers into his faction, he started explaining what was going to happen to his soldiers and Khross Pintbeard had began shaking in fear, Zenn tried to tell him to calm down and they were off to Northrend. The flight was long and rough but they made it and Kevonus greeted them, he introduced Denistrasz and disappeared, Zenn's Templars engaged the Emberwyrm but failed miserably and was forced to retreat for now. Later on, Rogmar, Warchief of the Hellraiser, recruited more blood into the Hellraiser Clan and met Kevonus in Wintergrasp who introduced Icehowl Reborn and then disappeared. The Hellraisers engaged Icehowl who let out multiple intimidating roars and eventually met his ultimate demise at the hands of mere orcs, trolls and taurens. Rogmar claimed Icehowl's horn and told his soldiers to head home to rest, so they did. Rogmar sat on his throne and was greeted again by Kevonus who warned him of an upcoming trial after his defeat. Shortly after, a small battle broke out and Kevonus inflicted pain upon one of the new recruits, Grokthar. Karisha, co-leader of the Hellraisers took Grokthar to safety, afterwards, Rogmar impaled his axe into Kevonus' neck and stood back in shock... "I... I- I hurt you!" Rogmar was surprised and let go of his axe when this happened, Kevonus made the axe dissipate into shadow magic, healed his wound and disappeared angrily.

Second day for the Templars of Virtue, Zenn got even more new recruits and began to head off to Northrend after explaining what they were about to get into. Kevonus greeted them once again and then disappeared, Zenn, Khross, Siria and others engaged Denistrasz and held out this time, Ancient Golems and Bone Crushers coming to their aid against the giant Emberwyrm under Wyrmrest Temple. After a while, Denistrasz showed signs of weakness and cried out asking Kevonus to stay with him who obviously abandoned him. Denistrasz died and the group of Templars cheered. Zenn rummaged through the dead emberwyrm and took the artifact from it claiming it from victory. Zenn ordered his troops to head home for a pint on him, they got home and then gathered at the Tavern, Khross handed out a drink to Zenn and then saw Rogmar enter the Tavern. Rogmar and Zenn exited the tavern and he explained something that happened before the Templars took out Denistrasz. Putrud had grown stronger, Rogmar explained that Putrud is even stronger than Kevonus and Keth'Zulad now, he explained he dealt damage to Kevonus but was tossed around like a pathetic ragdoll when he fought Putrud. Zenn was surprised to hear that Putrud was actually stealing powers from Keth'Zulad without him knowing and that Putrud plans something for the Outland... Rogmar entered the Tavern again for his goodbyes to Khross, dragging him outside and throwing him at the mountain a good 50 feet away, knocking Khross unconscious for a moment, Zenn rushed over with a mug of ale which woke him right up and then Rogmar left. What could Putrud be planning...?

Meanwhile, at Death's Ocean... Keth'Zulad disguised himself as a Geist but Nimorrax saw through it at every turn. Keth'Zulad even pulled off a few chores Selene Morele asked him to do, afterward, he began leaping at Nimorrax and clawing him, still disguised. Nimorrax got pissed off and impaled the "Geist" and then it died... Temporarily. It then healed, revived and moved over to an open area revealing he was indeed Keth'Zulad. A small battle broke out between The Forbidden and after a small struggle, Nimorrax was knocked unconscious and abducted to a new location in Zul'Drak. Nimorrax woke up and Keth'Zulad greeted him explaining that Denistrasz had been killed, taunting Nimorrax, trying to anger him that he'll have nothing out of this... Nimorrax began to kill himself literally and eventually was successful. Keth'Zulad was disappointed and revived the Plague Lord. Afterward, Jeremic appeared at Nimorrax's prison and was greeted by Keth'Zulad... An unwelcoming greeting. Jeremic and Keth'Zulad were forced off the tower they were on and a battle broke out, Jeremic managed to counter just about everything Keth'Zulad threw at him. Jeremic merely wanted to know the location of the Ironbeard and Keth'Zulad told him, he was on his way... Jeremic met Zenn and Jeremic demanded to be slain, but Putrud took control and a fist-fight between Zenn and Jeremic broke out... Eventually, Jeremic tossed Zenn toward his axe-hammer which he dropped to fist-fight Jeremic and Zenn took it up and killed Jeremic outright...

Back in Death's Ocean, a Shadow Ops Spy greeted Acez and told him the location of Anu'velris, Azaxle's rival. Acez nodded and the Shadow Ops Spy was on her way. The group of Forbidden members headed off to Crystalsong Forest to meet Anu'velris and they were greeted by Kevonus who told Anu'velris to deal with the Forbidden fools and then disappeared. Anu'velris cackled dementedly at Azaxle's efforts as they fought with the rest of the Forbidden, Frostbrood Wyrms and Death Knights showed up to aid the fight. Even the mighty Ketanagosa made an appearance and had her go at Anu'velris. Anu'velris was soon abandoned by Kevonus and defeated at the hands of The Forbidden and Azaxle, the Void God. Azaxle claimed the artifact off of Anu'velris and had a brief discussion with Mothrazor's spirit as the rest headed home through a portal, Azaxle was told the location of where the source of power he seeks is but not to disturb a guardian. After that small brief discussion, both Azaxle and Mothrazor headed through the portal back to Death's Ocean where they plan their next moves against Darklord Keth'Zulad... Will they be able to rescue Nimorrax from his prison?

Another day in Death's Ocean around the Bonfire of Haunting Memories, Mothrazor had walked up to Azaxle to discuss something with him and Erebos, Erebos walked in shortly after Mothrazor did and Mothrazor explained where a source of power is to defeat Keth'Zulad. Then Azaxle, Erebos and a few other Forbidden were on their way through a portal. They appeared under Icecrown and met with a Guardian of the power, Azaxle took some time to discuss his intentions and the Guardian was eventually persuaded but tasked them with something before they were granted to the power. They had to kill doppelgangers of The Forbidden and Templars Of Virtue. First up was the King of Nerubian, Anub'Rekhar. The group of Forbidden agreed and began to kill Anub'Rekhar's copy, they were successful eventually and the Guardian approved. Next up was Highlord Laru'then, the High Templar. They engaged the copy of the elf and eventually prevailed and the Guardian approved. They were sent to the power-source and met another Guardian saying that the previous Guardian had no right to decide who claims the power. This Guardian explained that they must have something not of Azeroth to claim the power, Azaxle offered his spear which was forged in the Void and it is not of Azeroth. The Guardian took the spear and the absorbed the power with it giving it back to Azaxle. Before they were allowed to leave, Azaxle had to test out his new power and striked down the previous Guardian. Kevonus appeared and battled with the other Guardian and The Forbidden fled, eventually Kevonus dealt a great deal of damage and disappeared willingly through a rift the Guardian created.

Back in Death's Ocean around the Bonfire of Haunting Memories, another Shadow Ops Spy had appeared before the group of Forbidden explaining where the location of the Plague Lord is. He was held prisoner at Gundrak in Zul'Drak. The group prepared and headed off for Zul'Drak and found Nimorrax prisoner in a magical pink bubble, just as they were about to go free him, Keth'Zulad made his appearance and greeted the group. Azaxle and The Forbidden engaged Keth'Zulad and a long long battle was underway. Nimorrax could do nothing but watch the battle as he was imprisoned and couldn't speak as the bubble limited his ways of communicating, he could only make gestures. After a long fight, Keth'Zulad lost control of the bubble and Nimorrax roared in rage and appeared behind Keth'Zulad dealing a massive blow to him, Keth'Zulad turned around and Azaxle took the opportunity to stab Keth'Zulad in the back with his empowered spear. Keth'Zulad had been slain and Mothrazor took back what was rightfully his; the body. Azaxle threatened Mothrazor at first but he proved to be him and he was let up, but it didn't go unanswered as Kevonus made an appearance before the Forbidden. He expected much more from his lackey and was well aware that he planned to overthrow Kevonus for the Lich King position. The Forbidden fled and Mothrazor stayed behind, eventually Mothrazor retreated as well and Kevonus had disappeared later. Mothrazor was off to return his powers to the Source of Power and Azaxle joined him in doing the same...

Back under Icecrown Citadel, Azaxle and Mothrazor were at the source of power, they had a brief discussion and Mothrazor seemed corrupted for a second and took back control. Azaxle threw his spear into the power source and the spear was spat back out without the power it originally took from the source. Mothrazor was next and began channeling a large spell into the source of power, almost enough to destroy it, Mothrazor stopped in the nick of time and Azaxle created a portal home, Mothrazor took it and Azaxle stayed behind to corrupt the source of power which unleashed utter chaos under Icecrown. As Azaxle was walking away, massive tentacles popped out of the ground around him and he told the supposed slain Guardian he knew what he did, the Guardian got up and attacked Azaxle, but Azaxle turned into his weakened Void form, going transparent and left for Death's Ocean. Back at Death's Ocean, the ground began to shudder and tentacles popped out of the ground attacking The Forbidden! The group of Forbidden began to destroy the tentacles, after a fight around Death's Ocean, it seemed to stop... For now. With the source of power corrupted, what will happen now...?

Can you feel it by now? Victory. It gets closer and closer for the Hellraisers. Rogmar briefed yet another batch of recruits of their mission to take down Kevonus and his henchmen which each hold something preventing then from entering Icecrown Citadel, their next target: Shiralza the Poisonous, an undead Hydra. The group took off on wind riders and met up with Kevonus who was overlooking his newest creation, Kevonus left Shiralza to deal with the Hellraiser Clan. During the battle, Rogmar had poison spat upon him, poison that has yet to work its magic. After a long fight, Shiralza was killed and Rogmar claimed the middle head as a token of victory. He explained that victory was getting closer and closer to them and then everyone headed off for home to rest and prepare for the upcoming tasks.

Meanwhile at the Bonfire of Haunting Memories in Death's Ocean, Tyrillanus stared into the bonfire remember very terrifying memories... Haunting memories... Asking if anyone has felt this before, a few have replied with "Yes." whereas Azaxle said "No." for a strange reason, it could be that it is because he is a Void rather than a normal being from Azeroth. Mothrazor joined the party and the usual happened, discussions on random topics, at least until Azaxle and Mothrazor headed through a portal somewhere. Later on they came back out with Acez who was sedated, apparently, Racid, Acez' alter ego was still abound and they were trying to "fix" it, help it even. Azaxle sent Mothrazor on an errand and Mothrazor came back stuck in the recruitment hall, Azaxle went to open the door and Acez disappeared. Azaxle and Mothrazor sat down, Azaxle being puzzled on how Acez disappeared. Mothrazor was having trouble with his memories and Azaxle offered to help so Mothrazor agreed. Azaxle used a chemical and made Mothrazor unconscious. He dug his hand into Mothrazor's mind to try and unlock a few memories and had troubles. Apparently Keth'Zulad was still around... He uncovered a few memories after being forced out of Mothrazor's mind, Keth'Zulad began trying to break free of Nimorrax's, Erebos' and Coheavus' hold. Nimorrax and Erebos holding him down physically and Coheavus magically. Keth'Zulad broke free of the ropes Nimorrax used to tie him down and fell to the floor, his eyes glowing a fierce purple as Keth'Zulad's originally did.

Mothrazor was forced out of his body which he had retaken from Keth'Zulad. It was just a mere amount of time until Azaxle had to go get a few things done and then Keth'Zulad got up, breaking free of Nimorrax and Erebos, he shot a red beam at Coheavus killing him outright. Nimorrax was shocked and charged at Keth'Zulad as he walked away, Nimorrax kept getting thrown back and he kept getting up and charging, he was pissed and not in any mood for any crap. He tossed a few very poisonous daggers at Keth'Zulad but Erebos was used as a meat-shield and Azaxle had arrived and had Erebos thrown at him. Azaxle then caught up and took Keth'Zulad to the Void. Erebos and Nimorrax returned to the bonfire and Nimorrax injected a poison cure into Erebos as well as wrapping his wounds with rags. Meanwhile in the Void... Azaxle was trying to get Keth'Zulad to "join" his side, The Forbidden's side, Hellraisers, Templars even for the reward of The Frozen Throne, Kevonus' throne. Keth'Zulad told Azaxle to bring Mothrazor and so he did, Mothrazor received a body back from Keth'Zulad and was sent home. Azaxle came up with new terms telling Keth'Zulad to stay OUT of the war and he will GIVE him the Frozen Throne. They sealed the deal in blood and Keth'Zulad was returned to Azeroth and Azaxle came back to the bonfire after cackling at how easy it was for him to seal the deal in blood. Black Blood.

Azaxle explained everything that happened with him and Keth'Zulad in the Void, he told him of how he got Keth'Zulad to seal a deal to stay out of the water making him think he would give the Frozen Throne to him. Azaxle lied to Keth'Zulad about it and confessed something to Nimorrax. Azaxle was the one to corrupt the power source under Icecrown. He was the one to weaken the seal. Nimorrax wasn't pleased but with what he has on his mind distracted him from yelling at Azaxle as he didn't need to worry about him, but instead Putrud. Little did Nimorrax and Azaxle know, there was a Geist nearby, a construct of some source which had beeped. Nimorrax investigated and found a device that records everything they say, Azaxle thought it to be something Vathirumus would do out of his own enjoyment, but instead, it was Mothrazor's doing. Nimorrax smashed the device and tossed it into the bonfire and Mothrazor was very, very mad. He came along and told Azaxle that he had doomed the world by weakening and corrupting the seal... Nimorrax tried to talk to Mothrazor but he was so steamed he ignored Nimorrax and ranted Azaxle out, after doing so he left... Azaxle may have weakened and corrupted the power source... But who will destroy it causing complete chaos to Azeroth? Only one would... Putrud.

Zenn is missing. Bruteus takes charge of the Templars of Virtue, he musters up a force and prepares Zenn's forces to head off for Storm Peaks where Kronus is. Bruteus briefs everyone and they head off on their gryphons and arrive at Ulduar... They walk up to the entrance to meet Kronus the Mighty who asks who dares to set foot on his domain... Until he gets corrupted. "Come and face your inevitable fate!" Kronus yelled out to the group, Bruteus and the Templars charged and fought Kronus, Kronus attempted to fight his corruption but failed every time. After a struggle, Kronus was destroyed and the artifact he held was claimed. The group left, Khross, Halvar and Siria stayed behind for a bit and talked. Halvar took off on his Gryphon and Kevonus showed his face, launching Khross off the platform, Halvar came back and Kevonus casted a beam at Siria, making her unconscious, Kevonus prepared another spell and unleashed a massive wave of energy knocking Halvar off the platform with Khross... Kevonus transported Siria to Icecrown Citadel and went to Death's Ocean to inform Alayne AKA Erebos. Erebos headed off to kill his sister and Kevonus thanked Azaxle for weakening the seal under Icecrown and was off. Erebos killed his sister and returned a while after.

In Death's Ocean, Nimorrax called Mothrazor to the palace after he had asked a question from earlier. Nimorrax explained Putrud's intentions, the ones he got from Tyrillanus and the bonfire. He explained that Putrud is not of Azeroth and that he was in fact enslaved when Kevonus found him in a weakened form. Putrud is indeed pure evil, he explained to Mothrazor that Putrud intends to destroy the source of power under Icecrown and destroy Azeroth! Mothrazor spoke of one who MIGHT be able to help out and said that Erebos and Azaxle can explain, Mothrazor sent them to the palace but Azaxle had to leave for an unknown reason. Erebos explained everything she could about Glamdring Cherrybob. "Cherries are delicious..." Nimorrax felt like an idiot but it called him out, Nimorrax explained to mister Cherrybob what he needed done, Glamdring would agree as long as he got Nimorrax's Mask, Erebos' Undead Horse and Azaxle's Spear. Cherrybob disappeared and Nimorrax thought he was a complete and utter child with the powers of a god. Nimorrax wants a different way, but what? He sat at the bonfire and pondered the situation at hand...

In Icecrown... Rogmar had approached the top of the half-wall. There were many ghouls there and one ran off to warn Kimalina of the intruder, Rogmar immediately attacked the ghouls and hacked and slashed his way through one by one. After a warm-up fight, he began to fight Kimalina and as they fought ghouls started arising and attacking Rogmar, he dealt with them while fighting Kimalina, after a struggle, Kimalina was killed and tossed off the wall. A lot of ghouls had arisen behind Rogmar and Rogmar began his escape. He started hacking and slashing his way to get away and finally his axe, Megadeth, Slayer of Titans unleashed a massive wave of dark energy killing all of the ghouls... They had stop rising up and Rogmar made it back to the mountain, one ghoul told him that he just ensures world chaos and then it died... Indeed, world chaos... The Lich King beckons. Rogmar headed to Death's Ocean and spoke with Nimorrax, Nimorrax explained that Rogmar, Zenn and himself needed to combine their artifacts in order to breach the Citadel. Rogmar had also explained he couldn't take on Kevonus alone and with that, they separated due to Ketanagosa chasing Rogmar out for causing trouble.

Final BattleEdit

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Icecrown Citadel

The moment of truth had arrived... Bruteus, Rogmar and Nimorrax arrived at the Citadel and climbed the stairs slowly... They arrived at the top to see the previous Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade's old belongings. They entered the Citadel... Inside, it seemed empty, cold and dark. As they walked further in they finally spotted Kevonus who greeted them all coldly. Kevonus began to walk towards their first arena, the three followed close behind. Round one was underway. The battle was fierce and Kevonus was weakening with each attack, after a long struggle, round 1 ended and Kevonus fled to the next arena, Nimorrax, Rogmar and Bruteus followed and Round two was underway, it ended up the same way as Round one did, Kevonus fled to his throne and the three followed. Kevonus was there at his throne and picked up his helmet, Keth'Zulad made an appearance and walked up to the throne, Kevonus put on his helmet and knocked Keth'Zulad down back to the arena and Round three was underway, a one on one battle. Kevonus and Keth'Zulad had battled for a short time and eventually Kevonus won, impaling Keth'Zulad in the chest with Ahemait, The Soul Devourer. Kevonus faced the three and the Final round was underway. Bruteus charged immediately but Kevonus had knocked him out with the hilt of Ahemait and then a fierce battle between Nimorrax and Rogmar versus Kevonus broke out. After a good struggle, Nimorrax was tossed near the edge of the arena. Rogmar threw Kevonus near Nimorrax and grinned as Rogmar had ensured the Plague Lord's death. Kevonus kicked Nimorrax off the top of Icecrown Citadel and he fell to his death. After another struggle, Rogmar finally came out victorious... Temporarily. Kevonus got up but before anything could happen, the Grim Reaper made his grand appearance and put Kevonus in his place for stealing many souls that rightfully belonged to him, power that rightfully belonged to him. Kevonus was dead and beaten, the Grim Reaper made his exit and Kevonus' spirit, no longer corrupted thanked Rogmar and Bruteus and disappeared... Trophies were claimed and everyone headed home... The Kevonus Chapters are over, but this story is not... The Putrud Chapters beckon...

The Fall of AzerothEdit

Though the Plague Lord Nimorrax is dead... There is a replacement at hand. Nehemus, Nimorrax's son and murderer who caused their original downfall when Putrud was still weak. The Forbidden has a new Plague Lord who is in fact a human to build their trust up with. Azaxle was the first to greet Nehemus, spies had recovered Nimorrax's body and buried it, Azaxle took Nehemus to the graveyard and Nehemus knelt before the grave. Another spy appeared and presented Ahemait to the new Plague Lord and Nehemus decided that he would place it where everyone could see it. Acez greeted the new Plague Lord later when he got situated at the palace, Nehemus shook his hand and got to know Acez a bit. Nehemus made himself at home as The Forbidden started learning to build up their trust to the new Plague Lord of the Forbidden. Azaxle got a bright idea and told Mothrazor and Thar'zulad Soulbane, Erebos' Little Lich Kid, that they should resurrect Coheavus as a Lich. The group prepared and found Coheavus' grave. The ritual was prepared and it begun. As they channeled, Coheavus slowly started arising from the ground as a Lich... He finally had arisen completely from his grave and was greeted. Coheavus seemed to like his new Lich body. After a small discussion with Erebos, Azaxle and Thar'zulad, he headed for the Bonfire of Haunting Memories and ignored Nehemus' presence as he knew what Nehemus did in the past whereas most of the Forbidden had no idea... The new Plague Lord had yet to prove himself...

It was another quiet day in Death's Ocean, Azaxle had a headache from being drained by 'Eredi's' potion he gave to Thar'zulad to give to Azaxle. Erebos offered to make him some food and they left for her(his) house. While they were gone at the house, Putrud made his appearance in Death's Ocean and Nehemus dropped down out of a tree and greeted him... An unwelcoming greeting at that, Putrud grabbed the new Plague Lord and tossed him into a wall, he hit the wall hard and fell to the ground, Putrud then proceeded to drain him of his consciousness. Azaxle and Erebos overheard the Plague Lord being bashed into a wall, they went to investigate and as they reached an alley way, Putrud popped out of it and wanted to claim Thar'zulad. Thar'zulad came along but to prevent Putrud from stealing Thar'zulad, Azaxle killed Thar'zulad temporarily. Azaxle then shoved Erebos at Putrud and ran for the house collecting the phylactery and transported it to the Void. Putrud searched the house and frowned, exiting, he quickly found the grave of Siria Soulbane, resurrecting and transporting her to the Outland. Putrud then proceeded transporting Erebos to the Outland as well and then 'Eredi' made his appearance, he had been serving Putrud all along and Putrud left 'Eredi' to deal with Azaxle. Azaxle made a diversion and fled, 'Eredi' then found the Plague Lord and battled, Azaxle made his appearance and then he battled as well, eventually 'Eredi' fled after tossing his weapon at Nehemus...

At the other side of the Dark Portal in Outland... Erebos had arrived in front of Putrud, Putrud waited patiently and Erebos woke up, confused and surprised. Putrud explained that he had already casted a spell on her that would make her his slave. Slowly, he waited and just as Erebos was about to strike Putrud, she fell to her knees and got back up... She had been taken over by the spell and served Putrud. Putrud told Erebos that her sister, Siria was down below waiting. Erebos went down and greeted her sister and then Putrud went down to greet the both of them, after a short discussion, he empowered both of them and then headed off, leaving the two to find a place in Outland. 'Eredi' then arrived to greet Putrud and after a discussion, Putrud gave 'Eredi', or as he is called, Apollyon his long awaited power. Apollyon then asked if he should send Erebos to go collect Thar'zulad, Putrud nodded and tossed a stone to Apollyon telling him to give it to Erebos. Erebos came back to greet Putrud and then Putrud proceeded to transport her to Death's Ocean... She greeted Azaxle and was lied to, but Erebos proved trustworthy and to be her normal self. Azaxle then told her that Thar'zulad was indeed alive and well and took her to see him. Thar'zulad, Erebos and Azaxle discussed a few things in the Void and Erebos and Azaxle had left, leaving Thar'zulad in there for safe keeping. Azaxle was later on called to a 'meeting' and teleported away from Death's Ocean. Coheavus was hovering in his usual spot and then Erebos revealed to be Putrud's minion... Killing Coheavus outright and then severing the essence he had... Nehemus witnessed it all... Will Nehemus warn the others in time or keep these secrets to himself, trusting no one?

Meanwhile in Hellfire Peninsula, Putrud was summoning up one of his first enslaved demons. Ikamos appeared before him apologizing for failing to retrieve the heart of Glacies Falx. He begged and pleaded to continue to help Putrud, luckily, Putrud hadn't given up on Ikamos just yet... Putrud prepared Ikamos for a massive wave of energy and channeled it into him. Ikamos grew in power greatly, next up was his form, Putrud had channeled another massive wave and soon finished... All that was left was for him to go find himself a suitable location in the Outland. Ikamos met Erebos and had a discussion about Thar'zulad and then Ikamos headed off to Death's Ocean to retrieve the lichling. Thar'zulad fled in fear and Ikamos teleported the phylactery. Eventually, Thar'zulad hid behind Coheavus who had put a magical barrier on Thar'zulad to protect him at all costs, Ikamos broke the barrier and held Thar'zulad in place. Coheavus did all he could in his power to help Thar'zulad but it was futile, Ikamos had escaped with Thar'zulad and Coheavus fled back to Voltanaras, weakened. Another day, Ikamos was sitting at the Bonfire of Haunting Memories, no one knowing he was a traitor... Yet. Finally, Coheavus came back from hiding and regenerating his power to greet Ikamos coldly, ordering him to leave. A short battle broke out and Ikamos killed Coheavus... Again. Nehemus appeared behind Ikamos throwing strikes at his bag, firing gunshots and ignoring Ikamos' insults. However, Nehemus didn't stop him. Ikamos' old enemy, Phenrig appeared and stopped Ikamos, getting him to flee. Nehemus ignored Phenrig and returned to the bonfire... Who is Phenrig? Where did he come from? Is he just another threat to the world?

After a while, Ikamos came back in disguise, Nehemus headed off to the War District to go train some more, Ikamos following. He made it to the district training on all kinds of creatures of the Forbidden, Templars and Hellraisers. Eventually he sparred with Ikamos not knowing who he was. Ikamos yielded to continue tricking Nehemus and asked to train. Nehemus called forth many minions and eventually Ikamos stopped, Nehemus left the barracks and headed back to the bonfire, covered in blood and guts. A deathguard approached Nehemus explaining the issues about Thar'zulad missing and Nehemus knew, telling the Deathguard to check up on everyone in the city. The deathguard started with Ikamos and took him in the recruitment hall. Ikamos killed everyone in there and fled out, eventually Nehemus saw through the disguise and Ikamos revealed himself, weakening the Forbidden's army and leaving.

Later on, Coheavus emerged from his phylactery a second time, Nehemus immediately wanted to speak to him, Azaxle joined along and then Nehemus asked if it was possible to move as much of Death's Ocean as possible to the Outland considering Azeroth being destroyed at any moment. Coheavus and Azaxle told him it was possible, but very very difficult. Azaxle spoke of an ally to help against Putrud but doesn't know if this 'ally' would hold up its end of the bargain... Coheavus and Azaxle discussed after a period of time and eventually Azaxle asked Coheavus to help with a 'friend' of his. Coheavus agreed and they were off to the Frozen Throne where they met Keth'Zulad. After another small discussion, Coheavus asked to visit Keth'Zulad's plane in order to stop moving the citadel and instead link the plane to the throne. Keth'Zulad took him and Coheavus familiarized himself with the plane and then they headed back to the Frozen Throne and then it was underway, Coheavus began creating a link between the Frozen Throne and his plane. Keth'Zulad thought the link was small at first and then Coheavus explained it would grow in time and that he'd need to be called in order to re-enable its usage. Keth'Zulad agreed and Coheavus returned home to begin his search for the Ten Warlocks in order to prepare moving Death's Ocean to the Outland...

The End?Edit

Under Icecrown Citadel, Putrud's plan for Azeroth was about to unfold. Luckily, there were delays so that the Templars and Hellraisers could escape through the Dark Portal with information they got from their spies. Putrud was being delayed by tentacles of an Old God and tore them apart without a hassle. Meanwhile, in Death's Ocean, Coheavus spoke to Azaxle about taking everyone to Voltanaras for safety while he transports the city to the Outland. Azaxle opened a portal and got everyone inside of Voltanaras. Under Icecrown, Putrud had nearly made it to the power, and he did. He met up with Keth'Zulad who then left Putrud for the Old God to speak to. Putrud grew impatient and began destroying the power, the Old God finally regained its power and emerged eventually, Putrud taunted and toyed with the Old God and tossed a small, yet LARGE ball of dark energy at the Old God. The Old God grabbed it and tossed it into space, which while looking up, a large explosion was seen enough to destroy Azeroth. In Death's Ocean on Azeroth, Coheavus finished the spell and soon enough, building after building began disappearing from the location, eventually himself and his Warlocks too. At the old power source, Putrud channeled one last ball of energy, medium sized which was HUGE. The Old God demanded more, so Putrud transformed into his true form and then made it the biggest one he could muster and tossed it down upon the Old God. Putrud cackled maniacally as it sucked everything into it, unknowing, Putrud forgot his plan and was hit by his own spell and flew off into space after Azeroth blew up...

Back in Outland, Death's Ocean, Coheavus was pleased with the result, it turned out fine... But that was about to change, Ikamos Darkstone Lifeweaver came along in his Pit Lord form and began wreaking havoc across the city, devastating the homes of The Forbidden, crushing many soldiers under his feet, cackling maniacally at their feeble attempts to stop him. Coheavus let out his most powerful spell he could ever muster and hit Ikamos with it, it weakened him but not for long, he swore he would return and destroy them and fled, leaving his Soul Reapers behind to deal with them. Eventually, they killed off all of the Soul Reapers Ikamos left behind and Coheavus teleported to Voltanaras in search of Azaxle. Tyrillanus helped out as well and the two set off to find him. Eventually, Coheavus found Azaxle at the throne of Voltanaras and explained what happened. Azaxle called forth The Forbidden he had taken to Voltanaras and prepared them off for Death's Ocean. Everyone arrived, and the city didn't look good at ALL. Ruins were everywhere, personal belongings all gone and worst of all, the Plague Lord was injured in the Town Hall. Selene and Aiero, Acez brother, helped the Plague Lord with a few potions by Azaxle's orders, everyone went to find their wrecked homes... Will The Forbidden ever be able to recover from such a loss and be the ones to stop Putrud's endless rampage through the universe? Time will tell... The Putrud Chapters begin...

Two fatal blows. Starting with Zenn Ironbeard, Grand Templar of Virtue. At Honor Hold, the Templars were holding out against waves and waves of Doomguards sent by Doom Lord Kazzak, wave after wave, the Templars numbers slowly depleted. The final wave had come, the last of the Templars had fallen and Zenn was the only one left standing in his wrecked, burnt down base. It seemed as if he would survive as the attacks had stopped... Until Putrud arrived. This was Zenn's final showdown with the destroyer of Azeroth. Zenn attacked with all his might and strength. All his fury and rage. Futile... Zenn paid with his life, in his last breath, he charged toward Putrud and died in flames. Rogmar. A fool with power. Slipping away with time, like Nimorrax. Putrud descended upon Rogmar's location and landed. Rogmar told Putrud to halt and then realized who he was and in no time, a battle was underway. Putrud made quick work of Rogmar, to make him think Zenn was mightier, stronger, better. Putrud had called down his truncheon upon Rogmar's head, piercing his skull. Then he left the corpse to rot, taking his truncheon out of the head as blood and brains poured out... Could this be the end of the universe? Will anyone be able to stop Putrud or will he complete his ultimate objective to create his own dark universe, endlessly torturing innocent beings...

The Forbidden, being one of the only last known factions standing had made their move. Starting with Ikamos Lifeweaver, they overthrew him and again, his enemy, Phenrig, appeared to end him. The Forbidden had no time to speak with the unknown man, and they continued to push onward. Many battles later, they finally got to Erebos and Siria. Defusing Mana Bombs planted within Auchindoun, the sisters came in to deal with the Forbidden themselves. The battle was tough but they eventually became victorious. Nehemus ordered Erebos resurrected and locked away until the spell bond between him and Putrud breaks away. Still pushing through, they finally meet up with their little... Or now BIG Lich friend... Thar'zulad Soulbane. One of the most fierce battles by far, they had finally destroyed the Lich hesitantly. Eventually, Thar'zulad arisen from his phylactery as a little Lich in The Forbidden once again, reunited with Erebos. The Final Destination awaits...

Final BattleEdit

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Black Temple

It has all come down to this. The Forbidden stood in front of the Black Temple and prepared to breach and take down Putrud once and for all. As they entered, they were swarmed and attacked by guards originally assigned to all the other henchmen. Doomguards, Eredar, Infernals... It was all there and waiting. They made it to the first arena and encountered a ghost of Kazzak. The battle was just as hard and they pushed on after defeating it. As they kept going, it kept getting harder and harder to push forward. Just when it seemed as they couldn't go on any longer, the new Warchief, Ragash, led the Hellraiser Clan in to assist the Forbidden. They pushed onward, encountering more ghost henchmen and many guards. They finally made it to the top... Where Putrud was absorbing the magic of Azeroth. Out of pure rage for the loss of Rogmar, Ragash ordered the Hellraisers to charge in. The Forbidden saw it was a bad move and tried to stop them, but it was too late. Putrud had trapped all of them in a magical prison, slowly being drained of their lives. The Forbidden, knowing what they did was a bad move, also gave them a good move. While Putrud was distracted with the Hellraisers, The Forbidden attacked Putrud while he was off guard and a major battle was underway. The Hellraisers were released and joined The Forbidden in their ultimate battle against Putrud. As they weakened him with each devastating blow, Putrud grew evermore enraged. After enough damage was dealt, Putrud took it up a notch and transformed, the factions were shocked, but fought on. Eventually, Putrud imprisoned everyone around him, and took Nehemus and chained him to an altar, and then the worst happened. Putrud had finished absorbing Azeroth's magic with Nehemus' help, destroying Nehemus inside out in a small black hole. The factions were released from their prison, and Putrud took on his final form. Just as Putrud was about to destroy Draenor, Azaxle interfered and managed to stop Putrud from getting his cast off, instead, the attack flew off into the Great Dark Beyond. The factions struggled to strike Putrud down, Putrud was getting each member down on their knees slowly. Unable to fight back because of the loss of stamina and blood. It was down to Ragash, Azaxle and Putrud... Putrud shot a dark beam of energy at them, Azaxle retaliated and shot a void beam, but it was being pushed back. Ragash helped and shot a beam of electricity, and the beam was being held at the middle. Putrud increased the power and pushed it back, but so did Ragash and Azaxle, keeping it where it was... Finally, Azaxle and Ragash put all they could into it, and it started going toward Putrud. Just as it got close enough to Putrud, time stopped, everyone froze. One man appeared before the entire group of people, inspecting what was happening, after inspection, the man snapped his fingers and everyone disappeared, Putrud included. Only a select few people found themselves in front of a tavern in Stormwind city, they walked in and met the man. His name was Kurtis. The group didn't remember a thing about Putrud, Kevonus, or even Kaiyne Illdion. Kurtis explained to the group that if they want their future stories revealed to them... They would have to seek him out elsewhere, anywhere at any given time. The odds seemed impossible on finding him, but the offer was open, and thus concludes the Putrud Chapters. (short chapter because everyone grew uninterested)

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