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A Nebulan Dragon

Nebulan Dragons, like Azerothian Dragons, are large winged reptilian beasts. Their scales are pure black, like that of the void with a white glow to their silhouette. Their breath is as hot as magma and would burn the armor and skin off of even the toughest of warriors.

A nebulan dragon will go out of it's way to kill someone or something if it spots them. If it were at all possible, a nebulan dragon fighting an azerothian dragon would succeed as nebulan dragons are considerably more durable and lethal. They are known for creating barriers on narrow bridges to prevent their targets from escaping, as The Forbidden had experienced.

In the end, Vrykul hunt these new dragons for game, they don't quite know the difference but they consider it a great feat to whoever is able to bring one of these colossal beasts down and live to tell the tale.

The Broodlord and BroodmotherEdit

The Broodlord is a massive, massive nebulan dragon. While a regular nebulan dragon's breath would be as hot as molten lava, the Broodlord's breath exceeds temperatures up to that of a bright burning star. It isn't known how it is able to withstand these temperatures, but everyone bewares, none can withstand the power of the Broodlord.

The Broodmother is also a massive, massive nebulan dragon, like the Broodlord, her breath is as hot as a burning star. The Broodmother constantly nurses the eggs in every nest among her brood. Because of this, the Broodmother must constantly stay healthy and active to keep its brood going.

Fall of the BroodmotherEdit

One normal day turned sour for the nebulan brood when Vincent sent a giant disc into the air, aimed for the Broodmother. The Forbidden had attempted to stop Vincent's disc before it could damage the Broodmother and cause damage to the brood, but they failed. The Broodmother fell to her most-guarded nest and was pummeled by one of Vincent's giant robots. Ever since, the Broodlord has gone into a frenzy.

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