Second Form Darbrinian

A Darbrinian is a powerful creature created by an unknown entity to serve as a tool in the Nebulan Prophecy later down the line. Darbrinians are incredibly powerful creatures capable of transformation and sudden power bursts. The most notable Darbrinian is Putrud. Up until the second Void War, there has never been more than one Darbrinian known in existence. This changed through Anaxarchus who tricked the Darbrinian species into thinking that he was Putrud. The Darbrinians served Anaxarchus unquestioningly until he disappeared. The remaining Darbrinans have become their own masters now.

Phase 1Edit

In their first form, the Darbrinians appear similar to that of the Faceless Ones, though they bear some shocking differences in places. In this state, the Darbrinian is essentially at its weakest. Their abilities include but are not limited to: regeneration, landscape-threatening energy and self-resurrection (falls in with regeneration). A Darbrinian is also powerful enough to take over the mind of an individual and force them to do their bidding, provided their willpower is not strong enough to fight it. A prime example is in the village of Brunnhildar, where a Darbrinian enslaved Vrykul Warmaidens.

Phase 2Edit

In their second form, the Darbrinians take a more humanoid shape, grow wings and even form proper armor around their skin. At this state, the Darbrinian is at a planetary-threatening stage. Their power increases three times over, making them incredibly strong and resilient opponents. The currently only known Darbrinian to have reached this form is the World Destroyer.

Phase 3Edit

In their final form, the Darbrinians start to look more like where they originate from, growing horns on their head, larger wings, hooves, basically becoming a powerful demon, yet an alien. In this state, the Darbrinian has peaked, reaching its full potential and able to cause universal destruction. Though it requires much power to achieve this form, it is not anything to ever be taken lightly. The only known Darbrinian to have reached this form is the World Destroyer.

The World DestroyerEdit

Putrud was a unique Darbrinian, born with a higher than usual level of power. When Putrud came to realize his power compared to that of the rest of his race, he deemed them all unworthy and unfit to hold the name Darbrinian and completely destroyed his entire homeworld.

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