A Chaotic Rider

The Chaex, Riders of Chaos, Magicians of Pain, are an ancient and very populated creature of the Xernes realm, known for being one of the few species with a variety of roles, from general to soldier, or from barbarian to mage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Chaex are well known for their profession flexibility, and chaotic free will. They are one of the only races on Xernes that could leave the realm and not lose their magical abilitiess. Their magic is drawn from the earth beneath them, and much like the Ley-Lines of Azeroth, they are granted insane ammounts of magic if harnessed. Chaex magi can churn the earth beneath their enemies, and Chaex soldiers harness their magical power into their weaponry, giving them either a dark or green fire.

To compare their magical prowess to something upon Azeroth, if you were to have an Archmage fight a Chaex Soldier, the Chaex Soldier could very well win, as though the realm of Azeroth may have an entirely different way for magic, the Chaex are cursed (or blessed) with the powers of Black Omen, and that enables them to draw from their home-dimensions magical ways without hinderance.

Population, Alliegance, and BehavioursEdit

The Chaex are one of the species that are the most populous, going so as far to hold their own factions or cities, and even show hatred against one anothers faction. When Gorgonnash had achieved full dominance over the realm of Xernes, the Chaex people had pledged themselves willingly to his rule, and weather or not their hatreds for other factions are prominent or not, when their master calls, they must answer. When they are not warring against the seperate realms or conquering them, they are at war with eachother, in hopes to prove themselves worthy enough to be front-liners for their next siege against the alternate dimensions, and gain all the glory, as to die in battle is the only way to die for a Chaex. 

The Chaex come within many sizes and shapes, but they can usually be determined as a Chaex by the armor they possess, or the magic they utilize. Normally, Chaex soldiers can be seen upon horseback, the horses within their dimension created through pure magics.

The Chaos KnightsEdit

Though the Chaex themselves are a brutal and chaotic foe, that only a small legion of them could destroy Dalaran, four Chaex were created by combining Azerothian and Xernian bioengineering, creating the powerful Chaos Knights. Four of them were created by Benedict Alosis, and they are regarded by the Chaex peoples as the equivalent of Chaex Demigods. Jeremic, Erebos, Revenant, and Izlinigh, all four of them together, with the same mindset in tow, they could become a force beyond reckoning.

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